What was the coldest NFL game on record?

What was the coldest NFL game on record?

“The Ice Bowl” earned its name for a reason, as the 1967 NFL Championship between the Cowboys and the Packers in Green Bay set the undisputed standard as the coldest game on record. According to NFL Communications, the game-time temperature was 13 degrees below zero.

Who is the best cold weather quarterback in the NFL?

The Good Morning Football crew discuss New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s history playing in cold weather games before the arctic blast expected in the AFC Championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

What was the coldest Super Bowl in history?

Super Bowl VI
At Super Bowl VI in January 1972, the kickoff temperature at New Orleans’ Tulane Stadium was barely above freezing – 39ºF – for a game that saw the Dolphins lose 24-3 to the Dallas Cowboys.

What is the record for the most interceptions in a season?

14 interceptions
The record for most interceptions in a single season is held by Night Train Lane, who logged 14 interceptions as a rookie in 1950, while playing for the Los Angeles Rams.

Does Aaron Rodgers like the cold?

Aaron Rodgers is good in the cold “I enjoy being a cold-weather quarterback in Green Bay. When the weather changes and the leaves start coming off the trees, I get a little twinkle in my eye cuz I know football season is about to really start.”

How does Rodgers play in cold weather?

Over his 17-season career, Rodgers is 28-8 overall and 6-3 in the playoffs in games played in freezing conditions. Compared to his career overall winning percentage of 67 percent, Rodgers’ winning percentage actually climbs to nearly 78 percent when kickoff temperatures were 32 degrees or below.

Which QB has the most interceptions in a season?

George Blanda
George Blanda has the most interceptions by a quarterback in a season, with 42 interceptions in 1962. Not what you’re looking for?

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