What was the biggest massacre in the US?

What was the biggest massacre in the US?


Name Date Deaths, including any perpetrators
Camp Sumter 1864–1865 13,171
Ludlow Massacre 1914 Apr 20 19
Columbine Mine massacre 1927 Nov 21 6
Ocoee massacre 1920 Nov 2 56~

What is the meaning of sluter?

1 : to kill (animals) for food : butcher. 2a : to kill in a bloody or violent manner : slay. b : to kill in large numbers : massacre. 3 : to discredit, defeat, or demolish completely. Other Words from slaughter Synonyms Example Sentences Phrases Containing slaughter Learn More About slaughter.

What started the Bear River Massacre?

Colonel Patrick Edward Connor, in command of the Third California Volunteer Infantry Regiment and charged with protecting the Overland Mail Route, responded. He was convinced that Chief Bear Hunter’s band, camped on Beaver Creek, was responsible for a number of murders and stolen goods.

What rhymes with massacre?

Word Rhyme rating Meter
massacred 92 [/xx]
fastener 92 [/xx]
Hasler 92 [/xx]
attacks occur 92 [x/xx]

What is the opposite of a massacre?

What is the opposite of massacre?

emancipation freeing
extrication salvation
saving unfettering
unshackling unchaining
setting free

What is the opposite genocide?

▲ Opposite of the act of killing, especially on a mass scale. peace.

What was a floater?

Definition of floater 1a : one that floats. b : a person who floats something. 2 : a person who votes illegally in various polling places. 3a : a person without a permanent residence or regular employment. b : a worker who moves from job to job especially : one without fixed duties.

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