What was the average family size in 1960?

What was the average family size in 1960?

3.29 persons
The number of households in the United States in 1960 was 53.0 million. The average size of household was 3.29 persons. This figure includes the head, his wife (if any), and the children, other relatives, and nonrelatives of the head who live in the same housing unit as the head.

What was the average family size in 1965?

U.S. Households, 1 Families, and Married Couples, 1890? 2007

All households Families
Date Number Average population per family
March 1960 2 52,799,000 3.67
March 1965 57,436,000 3.70
March 1970 63,401,000 3.58

What was the average family income in 1962?

about $6,000
For the country as a whole, the average (median) income of families in 1962 was about $6,000, according to estimates released today by the Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce. This average was about $220, or 4 percent, higher than in 1961, reflecting the improvement in the economy throughout 1962.

What was the average family size in 1950?

Average household size has been falling steadily since 1790. Back then, the average American household had 5.8 people. By 1900 it was 4.8 people and by 1940 it was 3.7. It was 3.3 people throughout the 1950s, then began to fall again, to 2.6 today.

What was the average family size in 1945?

England and Wales
Year of birth of woman Average Family Size Number of live-born children (%)1
1940 2.36 13
1945 2.19 14
1950 2.07 13

What is the average family size in the world?

Around the world, the average person lives in a household of 4.9 people, but this number is much bigger in the sub-Saharan Africa (6.9 people) and Middle East-North Africa regions (6.2), and is smallest in North America (3.3) and Europe (3.1).

What is the average family size in 2018?

The average American family in 2021 consisted of 3.13 persons….Average number of people per family in the United States from 1960 to 2021.

Characteristic Average number of people per family
2018 3.14
2017 3.14
2016 3.14
2015 3.14

What was a good salary in 1962?

In terms of con- stant (1962) dollars, average family income increased from $4,100 in 1947 to about $6,000 in 1962, a rise that averaged approximately $120 a year over this period.

What was a good wage in 1962?

The value of the dollar

Value of the minimum wage Value of the minimum wage
Year Current dollars Constant (1996) dollars 1
1961 1.15 4.24
1962 1.15 4.56
1963 1.25 4.90

What was the average family size in 1890?

U.S. Households by Size, 1790? 2006

Year Number of households (in thousands) Avg. pop. per house- hold
1890 (June) 12,690 4.93
1900 (Mar.) 15,964 ?
1930 (Apr.) 29,905 4.11

What was the average size of families in the 1940s?

3.76 people
By comparison, the average family included 3.76 people in 1940. Wednesday’s report also showed that the average household declined from 2.67 people to 2.66, also a record low.

What is beanpole family?

“Beanpole families”- those with fewer children and multiple generations of older people – are leading to profound social changes, government statisticians warned yesterday. The beanpole effect was the outcome of a nationwide “pruning of the family tree”, the office for national statistics said.

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