What was Project 1794?

What was Project 1794?

Officially, aliens have never existed but flying saucers very nearly did. The National Archives has recently published never-before-seen schematics and details of a 1950s military venture, called Project 1794, which aimed to build a supersonic flying saucer.

What are the ingredients in flying saucers?

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Maize Starch, Water, Dextrose, Acid: Tartaric Acid; Acidity Regulator: Sodium Bicarbonate; Natural Colours: Beetroot Red, Curcumin.

Can the F-35B takeoff vertically?

Out of the three variants, the F-35B has a short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) capability, which can be used either on land or on an aircraft carrier. The STOVL feature makes the jet land vertically like a helicopter and take off in very short distances.

Is the US Air Force trying to replicate the flying saucer?

“Since the first UFO was spotted flying over American soil, the US Armed Forces have been trying to replicate the awesome powers of the flying saucer,” said Jerome Steeple, a US Air Force spokesman. “Now that power is ours.”

What’s so great about the flying saucer configuration?

“The flying saucer configuration offers benefits,” says Russell E. Lee, a curator at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. “It’s totally symmetrical, so in theory it should be omnidirectional—if you can figure out how to redirect thrust in an instantaneous and efficient manner.

Did you know that flying saucers came from Canada?

In pop culture, flying saucers are the ride of choice for extraterrestrials. What the newly released documents show is that they actually came from Ontario, Canada. That’s where a visionary aeronautical engineer at the now-defunct Avro Canada convinced his bosses to support the unlikely project.

Was Avro’s saucer a successful flight?

Although Avro’s saucer never completed a successful flight, some of the most sophisticated aircraft flying today adopted many of the same technologies.

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