What was Ben Gazzara known for?

What was Ben Gazzara known for?

Ben Gazzara managed a career that embraced critically acclaimed independent and art-house films, popular movies, television and stage. He may be best known for three searing performances in John Cassavetes films but also worked with directors such as Otto Preminger, Spike Lee, the Coens and Lars von Trier.

What happened to Ben Gazzara?

The actor died of pancreatic cancer at Bellevue Hospital Center, his lawyer, Jay Julien, told the newspaper. Gazzara lived in Manhattan. Noted for his naturalistic performances, Gazzara played in three Cassavetes films during a seven-year span in the 1970s: Husbands, The Killing of a Chinese Bookie and Opening Night.

What did Ben Gazzara act?

Gazzara starred in a television movie, Pursuit (1972), the directorial debut of Michael Crichton. He also made the television movies When Michael Calls (1972), Fireball Forward (1972), and The Family Rico (1972). He made The Sicilian Connection (1972) in Italy, and did a science fiction film The Neptune Factor (1973).

How old is Ben Gazzara?

81 years (1930–2012)Ben Gazzara / Age at death

Who is Gazzara’s wife?

Elke Stuckmannm. 1982–2012
Janice Rulem. 1961–1979Louise Ericksonm. 1951–1957
Ben Gazzara/Wife

Who was married to Ben Gazzara?

Ben Gazzara/Spouse

How tall is Ben Gazzara?

5′ 10″Ben Gazzara / Height

Who is the girlfriend in Roadhouse?

Golden Valley, Minnesota, U.S. Kelly Ann Lynch is an American actress and model. Her notable film roles include Cocktail, Road House, Drugstore Cowboy, Curly Sue. and TV show roles in The L Word (2004–2005, 2009), and Magic City (2012–2013).

Is Roadhouse a true story?

TIL “Road House” is loosely based on the true story of the killing of town bully Ken McElroy whose murder in front of ~40 people never went to trial.

Where was roadhouse filmed?

Filming. Filming started in April 1988 on location throughout California, primarily in Newhall, Valencia, and Canyon Country. The filming of much of the “New Double Deuce” used Anaheim’s Cowboy bar, also later called the Bandstand among other names until it closed.

Who is Ben Gazzara?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Biagio Anthony Gazzarra (August 28, 1930 – February 3, 2012), known as Ben Gazzara, was an American film, stage, and television actor and director.

What kind of movies and TV shows has John Gazzara been in?

In addition to acting, Gazzara worked as an occasional television director; his credits include the Columbo episodes A Friend in Deed (1974) and Troubled Waters (1975).

How many awards did Biagio Gazzara win?

Biagio Anthony Gazzara (August 28, 1930 – February 3, 2012) was an American actor and director of film, stage, and television. He received numerous accolades, including a Primetime Emmy Award and a Drama Desk Award, in addition to nominations for three Golden Globe Awards and three Tony Awards .

How many Emmys did Ben Gazzara win?

Ben Gazzara. As the star of the television series Run for Your Life (1965–1968), Gazzarra was nominated for three Golden Globe Awards and two Emmy Awards. He won his first, and only, Emmy Award for his role in the television film Hysterical Blindness (2002).

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