What type of crystalline solid is NaCl?

What type of crystalline solid is NaCl?

ionic solid
An ionic solid is a crystalline solid composed of ions (even if the ions are polyatomic). NaCl is an example of an ionic solid (Figure 14.5. 2 – An Ionic Solid).

What type of solid is soft has a low melting point and the solid its melt and solutions containing the substance are not conductors?

Explanation: Covalent compounds have low forces of attraction between their molecules (i.e. one H2O molecule isn’t as attracted to another H2O molecule than the oppositely charges ions are in an ionic compound). Little energy is needed to break their bonds, therefore they have low meting points.

What type of solid has a soft melting point?

molecular solids
This electrostatic attraction between the two poles (dipoles) is much weaker than ionic or covalent bonding, so molecular solids tend to be softer than ionic crystals and have lower melting points (many will melt at less then 100 C, or 212 F). Most molecular solids are nonpolar.

What type of crystal has the lowest melting point?

CsBr has the lowest sum and, therefore, the lowest melting point. MgO has the highest sum and, therefore, the highest melting point.

Is NaCl aqueous or solid?

The result is a salt water solution, denoted NaCl (aq). The solution is neither solid nor liquid. A solution is the 4th state of matter denoted (aq). NaCl (aq) means that NaCl salt is dissolved in water.

Is NaCl crystalline solid?

Many solids are crystalline, which means that they have atoms or ions or molecules arranged in an ordered pattern. For instance, think about NaCl. This ionic solid has an alternating arrangement of Na+ and Cl- ions, as shown in the image below.

Which solid compound has low melting point and soft?

– The solid SO2 has a melting point of -72°C which is the lowest in the given options. – SO2 is also a covalent compound and hence it is soft. – NaCl is a crystalline solid and it has a melting point of 801°C.

Which type of substance is soft has low melting point?

Covalent solids are soft, have a low melting point (due to relatively weak bonds), and are a poor conductor of electricity (due to absence of free ions).

What solid has the lowest melting point?

15 lowest melting point metals: Mercury, Francium, Cesium, Gallium, Rubidium, Potassium, Sodium, Indium, Lithium, Tin, Polonium, Bismuth, Thallium, Cadmium, and Lead….15 Metals With The Lowest Melting Point.

Metal Mercury (Hg)
Melting Point (oC) -39
Melting Point (oF) -38
Crystal Structure Rhombohedral*

Is NaCl a molecular crystal?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) is an ionic solid having cations and anions (Na+ and Cl-). Hence, Sodium chloride is an example of an ionic crystal.

Is NaCl aqueous or liquid?

This is how we represent salt water. It’s an aqueous solution of plain old table salt, chemical formula NaCl for sodium chloride, dissolved in water.

Is NaCl soluble or insoluble?

Sodium chloride, also known as common salt or table salt, is a chemical compound with the formula NaCl. Its mineral form is called halite. It is highly soluble in water and is the salt most responsible for the salinity of the ocean and of the extracellular fluid of many multicellular organisms.

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