What time does Fajr end in Sargodha?

What time does Fajr end in Sargodha?


Prayer Name Prayer Time
Fajr 03:52 am
Dhuhr 12:06 pm
Asr 04:53 pm
Maghrib 06:51 pm

What is the time of Fajr prayer now?

Fajr – 4:25 AM. Sunrise – 5:43 AM. Dhuhr – 12:01 PM. Asr – 3:29 PM.

What is Maghrib QAZA time?

Dhuhr – 12:06 PM. Asr – 3:47 PM. Maghrib – 6:48 PM.

What time is Fajr in PTA?

Pretoria Prayer Times – For today 23 Apr 2022, Pretoria Namaz Timings are Fajr 5:08 AM, Dhuhr 12:06 PM, Asr 3:20 PM, Maghrib 5:45 PM & Isha 6:58 PM.

What is Zawal time in Islam?

Zawal is an occasion when Zuhr prayer starts. There is another Islamic term regarding prayer time that is called Istiwa. It is a time when the sun reaches the highest peak at noon and it is not permissible to offer Salat at the forbidden prayer times Hanafi or any other sect.

Can we pray Fajr after sunrise?

For people who miss a prayer for any reason, tradition allows for the prayer to be made up at a later time, without it automatically counting as an unrectifiable sin. The five daily prayers should generally take place during set time periods as follows: Fajr: observed before sunrise. Zuhr: observed after noon.

How do you pray Fajr namaz?

Say your Salat Ala An-nabi prayer while still kneeling. Then say another short prayer of your choice for Allah. Turn your head to the right and say “Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.” Turn to the left and say the same thing. This completes the Fajr prayer.

At what time Fajr ends in Lahore?

Prayer Times Today in Lahore Prayer Times for Tuesday 26th of Apr 2022 are: Fajr – 3:55 AM. Sunrise – 5:23 AM. Dhuhr – 12:02 PM.

What time is Esha in Laudium?

Today Laudium Prayer Timings

Fajar 05:12 30 Apr 2022
Zuhr 12:05 30 Apr 2022
Asr 15:16 30 Apr 2022
Maghrib 17:45 30 Apr 2022
Isha 18:53 30 Apr 2022

What time is Fajr in Rustenburg?

A: Fajr Time in Rustenburg is at 5:15 AM.

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