What species is Kumadori?

What species is Kumadori?

Strumigenys kumadori
Subfamily: Myrmicinae
Tribe: Attini
Genus: Strumigenys
Species: S. kumadori

Is Kumadori a human?

Kumadori is a very tall man, standing exactly twice Nami’s height pre-timeskip.

Who defeated Kumadori?

On the verge of defeat, Chopper consumed a third Rumble Ball, and his subsequent “Monster Point” form severely injured Kumadori. Kumadori fought his best against the monster but was no match and was easily defeated by him. Chopper then threw him all the way back to the courthouse, bloodied and defeated.

How tall is Kumadori?

Model Reference

Women model
Height 169cm
Chest 80cm
Waist 60cm
Hip 86cm

What is the color of kumadori?

Only a few colours are used in kumadori makeup; red, blue, brown and black. Whilst black is simply used to exaggerate features, such as eyebrows and the line of the mouth, the other colours are used to tell the audience about the character’s nature.

What is kumadori in kabuki?

Kumadori is makeup used for theatrical performances. Specifically, Kabuki — a stylized form of Japanese theater, which is known for its spectacular drama and the intricate makeup worn by the actors. Kumadori makeup emphasizes the actors’ underlying muscles and veins to evoke dramatic emotions and expressions.

Which color of kumadori has an even temper?

The colors used to represent good characters and positive emotions are red, for passion and enthusiasm; pink, for youthful joy; light blue, for an even temper; pale green, for peacefulness; and purple, for nobility or elevation of spirit.

Is Kaku a good guy?

Personality. Despite his role as a villain, Kaku is surprisingly honest, even to his enemies and even more so than Fukurou, though he does not seem to take insults well. As soon as his hybrid (giraffe/human) form was mocked, he sliced the Tower of Justice in half, in a rage of embarrassment.

How tall is Charlotte Linlin?

29 feet tall
She has an enormous physique, standing at 880 centimeters or just shy of 29 feet tall, which is the largest known height for any human.

What is kumadori in Kabuki?

What kind of character is kumadori?

Kumadori resembles a character in kabuki (traditional Japanese theater). He is a very loud character, and often punctuates his sentences with a loud, dramatic “YOYOI!!” He has a strange way of speaking, talks rather slowly and tends to repeat or draw out syllables and words in the manner of kabuki actors.

How does kumadori meet Nami?

After Blueno is defeated, Kumadori and the other agents arrive atop of the building and prepare to fight the Straw Hats. Kumadori binds Nami. Later, Kumadori meets Nami and tries to fight her.

Why does kumadori look like a kabuki?

His body positions (especially his penchant for holding one hand out in front of him) are also reminiscent of mie poses, and his vocal inflection is similar to that of kabuki actors. Also, in one of the covers of CP9’s Independent Report, Kumadori is shown to have four scars: two large ones on his torso and a pair of smaller ones on his left arm.

Where is kumadori in One Piece Green?

Above, Apollo (Kumadori) is at the very left, and below, he is second to the left. In One Piece Green: Secret Pieces it is revealed that the early concept of Kumadori looked nothing like what he is now. His name was also different; it was originally supposed to be Apollo (アポロ).

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