What song means in Punjabi?

What song means in Punjabi?

English to Punjabi Meaning :: song. Song : ਗੀਤ

What do mean by take?

transitive verb. 1 : to get into one’s hands or into one’s possession, power, or control: such as. a : to seize or capture physically took them as prisoners. b : to get possession of (fish or game) by killing or capturing.

What does LAKK mean in Punjabi?

Tooh/Lakk – Bum/Backside/Butt.

What do you mean by Punjabi?

Punjabi means belonging or relating to the Punjab region of India or Pakistan, its people, or its language. He comes from a middle-class Punjabi family. Punjabi cuisine.

How do you use take?

Don’t look away while I am taking your photograph.

  1. I felt fairly easy after taking the medicine.
  2. His secretary stopped taking notes to gape at me.
  3. I’m not taking any medication.
  4. She left the convent before taking her final vows.
  5. We’re taking a vacation in June.
  6. He is currently on/taking medication for his heart.

How do you use the word take?

In English, we use the word take when talking about a test or an exam, also for a class like English or French. This is a common mistake because in Portuguese the word “do” is used. “did you take the T.O.E.F.L. exam?” or “I’m taking French class to prepare myself for my trip to Paris.”

What word is used for girl in Punjabi?

Definition in Punjabi: ਇਕ ਜਵਾਨ ਔਰਤ

What is the meaning of Chetti?

Definition of chetty : a member of a caste of Tamil moneylenders or merchants in southern India, Ceylon, Burma, Malaya, Fiji, and South Africa.

What do we call video in Punjabi?

IPA: vɪdioʊPunjabi: ਵਿਡੀਓ

Have a take on meaning?

DEFINITIONS1. someone’s attitude or opinion about a situation.

How do you use take in a sentence?

Taking sentence example

  1. I’m supposed to be taking care of you…
  2. Taking you to see your father.
  3. Had they been taking him for granted?
  4. Yes, I am taking the regular college course for a degree.
  5. Yes.

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