What size track is on a Yamaha Phazer?

What size track is on a Yamaha Phazer?

How to Use Our Yamaha Snowmobile Track Fitment Chart

Model Year Size
Yamaha Phazer M-TX 2008-2017 144 x 15 tracks
Yamaha Phazer R-TX 2015-2017 121 x 15 tracks
Yamaha Phazer X-TX 2014-2018 144 x 15 tracks
Yamaha Sidewinder M-TX 153 2018 153 x 15 tracks

What is 1991 Yamaha Phazer worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $4,699 $645
Total Price $4,699 $645

What years did Yamaha make the Phazer 2?

Ride quality akin to most of the snowmobiles of that era. Snowmobiles under the original Phazer name appeared until 1989; new models such as the Phazer II, Phazer Deluxe, Phazer SS etc., were sold until 1998, when it was revamped to the more traditional looking snowmobile and was known as the Phazer 500 (1999-2001).

How long is a Yamaha Phazer?

2009 Yamaha Phazer Specifications

Carburetion Type Fuel Injected
Technical Specifications:
Length (ft) 9.25
Width (in/mm) 48 / 1219.2

How long is the track on a Yamaha Bravo?

History. It was first launched in 1982 with a 249cc single cylinder two-stroke engine powering a 98 inch(length)x 15 inch(width)x . 75 inch (paddle) track. In 1987 there came an option to replace the 98 inch long track with a 136 inch long track or with a 102-inch track.

Why did Yamaha stop making the Phazer?

The Phazer’s dry weight increased substantially, which eventually led to its demise in 2002. The Mountain Max 700 was Yamaha’s pride and joy for the mountain market. It sold well, performed better and drew more interest from western riders than any previous Yamaha, save the Phazer.

What year is my Yamaha snowmobile?

Make certain that the second digit of the VIN is a “Y” to signify that the snowmobile was manufactured by Yamaha. Verify the year of manufacture with the 10th digit. The years 1971 to 1979 and 2001 to 2009 are signified by the digits one through nine.

When was the Yamaha Phazer made?

In 1984, Yamaha released a sled that would become the benchmark for snowmobiles in the western market. The PZ 480-later named the Phazer-was a completely fresh approach to snowmobile chassis design. And it was light-less than 400 lbs.

How fast is a 2007 Yamaha Phazer?

85 to 88 miles per hour
Despite what the digital display will show, the Phazer enjoys a relatively new Yamaha tradition of showing off extremely optimistic speeds. At an indicated top speed of 85 to 88 miles per hour, the actual ground speed will be nearly 10 mph lower as we discovered when riding with riders aboard higher horsepowered sleds.

How long is a Bravo short track?

around 70 km/h
This track allowed the Bravo to float on the snow extremely well and appealed much to trappers and beginners on the sled. The Short track versions of the Bravo would do around 70 km/h and the long track would do around 55 km/h.

How fast does a Yamaha Bravo go?

Top speed was about 50 mph with an average-sized adult aboard, and it was pretty quiet considering the lack of sound-deadening material under the hood.

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