What size staples fit a Stanley staple gun?

What size staples fit a Stanley staple gun?

Stanley┬« TR110 Heavy Duty Staple Gun – 1/4 in – 5/16 in – 3/8 in – 1/2 in – 9/16 in Narrow Crown Staple.

How much is a Stanley staple gun?

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This item STANLEY SharpShooter Plus Nail Gun, Heavy Duty, Gray/Black (TR250) Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Staple Gun – 6-14mm
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How do you refill a Stanley staple gun?

How to Load Staples Into the Stanley Sharpshooter Stapler

  1. Ensure the handle safety is on and the handle is locked down.
  2. Release the loading latch at the end the stapler and pull the slide open.
  3. Lay a stick of staples in the loading channel with the legs of the staples facing up.

Do arrow staples fit Stanley?

The Stanley TRA 700 series staples are designed to be interchangeable with the Arrow T50 series.

What staples are compatible with Stanley staple gun?

Find staples for Stanley staple guns

TRE540 6-14 mm 15-20 mm
TR350 FATMAX 8-14 mm 15 mm
TR120 4-10 mm 4-10 mm
TR75 FATMAX 6-14 mm 6-8 mm 6-14 mm 12-14 mm 15 mm 15 mm

What staples does a Stanley staple gun take?

Stanley Light Duty Sharpshooter Stapler My stapler requires 1/4″ “6.3mm staples or 5/16” 7.9mm Staples.

Why does my staple gun not work?

When any important part is broken or worn out, the tool simply won’t work. Before you start using a staple gun, check to ensure the spring, hammer, and rail are correctly assembled and undamaged. Make sure you are using staples of the correct size and type for the tool.

Can you use arrow staples in Stanley staple gun?

These staples are designed for use with Arrow, PowerShot, Craftsman, Black + Decker, Stanley, Ace, and other narrow-crown, heavy duty staple guns.

Do arrow staples work in Stanley stapler?

1 Answer. Show activity on this post. My personal testing shows that Arrow BN1810 brad nails load into a Stanley TR250 stapler and work without any problem.

Are staple gun staples universal?

The right staples aren’t necessarily determined just by the manufacturer. More important than the brand of staples is the size. Check your stapler or staple gun to see what size staples you need. If you find those at your local Westlake and they’re made by a different manufacturer, they should still work fine.

What are the best-selling Stanley staple guns?

The top-selling product within Stanley Staple Guns is the Stanley Electric Stapler and Brad Nail Gun.

What is a heavy duty staple gun?

This staple gun is called heavy duty for a reason. This thing is built to withstand a tornado or possibly the apocalypse. As a result, the staple gun is fairly heavy compared to light duty models. Also, if you have small hands you may have trouble stapling because the handle is fair distance apart from the main part of the staple gun.

What can you do with a staple gun?

Whether you want to repair upholstery or complete an arts & crafts project, this easy-to-use staple gun will help you get the job done.

What is the high and low power setting on a staple gun?

High and low power setting to control intensity of staple application when working on a variety of hard and soft materials. For Stanley staples see 10mm 50557 or 12mm 65964 . Times may vary for items being delivered directly from the supplier.

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