What place did Shawn Johnson get on Dancing with the Stars?

What place did Shawn Johnson get on Dancing with the Stars?

2008 Olympic balance beam gold-medalist Shawn Johnson of West Des Moines, Iowa, came in second on “Dancing with the Stars” during the show’s 15th season. Johnson was partnered with Derek Hough.

Why did Shawn Johnson only compete in one Olympics?

In 2010, Johnson East injured her knee but continued to train over the next two years in order to make the 2012 U.S. Olympic team. In June 2012, however, she decided not to go on, and announced she would be retiring from the sport a week before the Olympic trials, citing her knee injury.

What did Shawn Johnson do in the Olympics?

The 29-year-old gymnast — who won gold at the 2008 Olympics for balance beam, and silver for team, all-around and floor exercise — got candid about an eating disorder she developed at the time during her guest appearance on the Dinner Party with Jeremy Fall podcast this week.

How many times did Shawn Johnson go to the Olympics?

Shawn Johnson East

Event 1st 2nd
Olympic Games 1 3
World Championships 3 0
Pan American Games 5 2
American Cup 1 1

What Olympic team was Shawn Johnson on?

USA Gymnastics | Shawn Johnson East. Won four medals at the 2008 Olympics: Gold (balance beam) and silver (team, all-around and floor exercise).

What Olympic medals does Shawn Johnson have?

Gymnastics at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Women’s artistic team all-around
Gymnastics at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Women’s artistic individual all-aroundGymnastics at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Women’s Balance BeamGymnastics at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Women’s Floor
Shawn Johnson/Medals

How old was Shawn Johnson in the Olympics?

Johnson was just 16 years old when she dominated the 2008 Beijing Olympics, winning several individual medals and helping the U.S. Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team win the silver medal (via Biography).

Who was on the Olympic team with Shawn Johnson?

Nastia Liukin
Final scores

Shawn Johnson 16.250
Nastia Liukin 16.100

Did Shawn Johnson go to Vanderbilt?

Shawn Johnson Shares Her ‘Life After Gymnastics’ – Vanderbilt Business School.

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