What nerves are affected by L3 and L4?

What nerves are affected by L3 and L4?

L1 spinal nerve provides sensation to the groin and genital regions and may contribute to the movement of the hip muscles. L2, L3, and L4 spinal nerves provide sensation to the front part of the thigh and inner side of the lower leg. These nerves also control movements of the hip and knee muscles.

What are symptoms of L3-L4 disc herniation?

Disc level Location of pain Motor deficit
L3-4 Pain in posterolateral thigh and anterior tibial area Weakened quadriceps; diminished patellar reflex
L4-5 Pain in dorsum of foot Extensor weakness of big toe and foot
L5-S1 Pain in lateral aspect of foot Diminished or absent Achilles reflex

What does the 3rd vertebrae control?

The C3 vertebra is in line with the lower section of the jaw and hyoid bone, which holds the tongue in place. The flexible C3 vertebrae helps aid in the bending and rotation of the neck.

How do you fix a bulging disc L3-L4?

Surgical options may include:

  1. Microdiscectomy. A small part of the disc material near the nerve root is taken out.
  2. Laminectomy.
  3. Foraminotomy.
  4. Facetectomy.
  5. Fusion of L3-L4.
  6. Lumbar artificial disc replacement.

How do you fix a bulging disc L3 L4?

What are the symptoms of L3 and L4 vertebrae?

Symptoms and Signs Stemming from L3-L4. The L3-L4 motion segment may cause muscle pain, discogenic pain, radicular (nerve root) pain, and/or radiculopathy (neurologic deficit) that typically affects the lower back and/or the legs. When the L3 spinal nerve is involved, the following symptoms may occur:

What are the symptoms of a C4 vertebrae injury?

Symptoms of a spinal cord injury corresponding to C4 vertebrae include: Loss of diaphragm function. Potential requirement of a ventilator for breathing. Limited range of motion. Paralysis in arms, hands, torso, and legs. Trouble controlling bladder and bowel function.

How to prevent pain in the vertebrae?

For example, the consequence of tuberculosis is the deformation of the spinal column, and osteomyelitis destroys the base of the bones and the spinal cord. Vaccination is not only the prevention of pain in the vertebrae, but also the prevention of serious diseases.

What is a C3-C5 vertebrae injury?

The C3, C4, & C5 vertebrae form the midsection of the cervical spine. C3 – C5 cervical vertebrae injuries tend to be severe because the central nervous system is more damaged. Symptoms of a spinal cord injury corresponding to C3 vertebrae include:

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