What movies has Paul Rudd written?

What movies has Paul Rudd written?

Role Models2008
Ant-Man and the Wasp2018Ant-Man2015Party Down
Paul Rudd/Films written

Did Mcdonald’s make a movie?

the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), as well as its elaborate product placement of McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. The film was nominated for four Golden Raspberry Awards, and won Worst Director and Worst New Star (for Ronald McDonald)….

Mac and Me
Running time 99 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $13 million

Where can I watch Mac and Me?

You are able to stream Mac and Me for free on Pluto or Tubi.

What does Paul Rudd play in?


Year Title Role
2015 The Little Prince Mr. Prince (voice)
Ant-Man Scott Lang / Ant-Man
2016 Captain America: Civil War Scott Lang / Ant-Man
The Fundamentals of Caring Ben Benjamin

What is Paul Rudd’s most famous movie?

10 Best Movies With Paul Rudd, Ranked According To Letterboxd

  1. 1 Avengers: Endgame (2019) – 3.9/5.
  2. 2 The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (2012) – 3.9/5.
  3. 3 Clueless (1995) – 3.8/5.
  4. 4 Captain America: Civil War (2016) – 3.6/5.
  5. 5 Walk Hard (2007) – 3.6/5.
  6. 6 Wet Hot American Summer (2001) – 3.6/5.

Where can I watch the Mack?

Watch The Mack | Prime Video.

Who’s Paul Rudd’s wife?

Julie YaegerPaul Rudd / Wife (m. 2003)
In 2003, Rudd married Julie Yaeger, whom he met (shortly after working on Clueless) in his publicist’s office, where she worked. Yaeger has since become a screenwriter and producer. They live in Rhinebeck, New York with their two children: son Jack Sullivan, born in 2006, and daughter Darby, born in 2010.

What is the movie Alien movie about?

Edit Two sci-fi geeks take a pilgrimage to America’s UFO heartland. While there, they accidentally meet an alien who brings them on an insane road trip that alters their universe forever. For the past 60 years, an alien named Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen) has been hanging out at a top-secret military base.

What is the name of the movie with Paul Rudd in it?

“Little Britain USA: Sebastian Love (HBO)”. YouTube. Retrieved November 22, 2021. ^ My Damn Channel (December 31, 2007). “Wainy Days #16 ‘The Pickup’ (Paul Rudd)”.

Who are the actors in the aliens?

Aliens : Paul Rudd, Rob Letterman, Conrad Vernon, Jill Hopper Desmarchelier, Latifa Ouaou, Lisa Stewart, Rob Letterman, Maya Forbes, Wally Wolodarsky, Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger: Movies & TV Skip to main content .us Prime Video

Does Paul Rudd have a sister?

Paul Rudd, Actor: Ant-Man. Paul Stephen Rudd was born in Passaic, New Jersey. His parents, Michael and Gloria, both from Jewish families, were born in the London area, U.K. He has one sister, who is three years younger than he is. Paul traveled with his family during his early years, because of his father’s airline job at TWA.

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