What kind of van was Ironhide?

What kind of van was Ironhide?

Nissan Sunny-Vanette Coach
The Transformers Ironhide was part of the original assortment of Autobot cars released in 1984, transforming into a red Nissan Sunny-Vanette Coach SGL and sharing his mold with the contemporaneously released Ratchet.

What rank is Ironhide in Transformers?


Rank/Level Health Rating
1/1 6,300 1,419
1/10 9,937 2,325
2/20 12,943 3,067
3/30 17,045 4,112

What van is g1 Ironhide?

Nissan Cherry Vanette
The main heroes in the first series of Generation 1 in 1984 were the Autobot Cars, such as Ironhide, a red C120 Nissan Cherry Vanette (exported to other countries as the Datsun C20).

Is Ironhide the tooth fairy?

Ironhide is an Autobot from the live-action film series continuity family, also sometimes known as the “Tooth Fairy”.

What kind of truck is Ironhide Transformers?

Cab TopKick
Ironhide started as a GMC C4500 4×4 Crew Cab TopKick before it went to the buildup company responsible for the vehicles for the movie. Of all the cars and trucks, says Jeff Mann, the vehicle designer, Ironhide was the least modified.

Who is the largest Autobot?

7 Biggest Transformers In Existence

  • Majin Zarak – 200 meters.
  • Broadside (Carrier Mode) – 365 meters.
  • Metroplex – 800 meters.
  • Omega Supreme – 805 meters.
  • Fortress Maximus – 3 kilometers.
  • Metrotitan – 3,2 kilometers.
  • Unicron – 140.000 kilometers.

What happened to Ironhide in Transformers?

Ironhide died in the live-action films at the hands of Sentinel Prime, in Dark of the Moon. His death proved permanent then, too (at least for now).

What rank is Bumblebee?

Rank 5
Transformers (film series)

Affiliation Autobot
Sub-group Scout, Cyber Slammers, Deluxe Vehicles, Fast Action Battlers, Micro Vehicles, Supreme Vehicles, Human Alliance
Function Guardian, Scout, Second In Command (AOE), Autobot leader (TLK)
Rank 5

What is Ironhide truck?

Ironhide started as a GMC C4500 4×4 Crew Cab TopKick before it went to the buildup company responsible for the vehicles for the movie.

Why did Ironhide turn to rust?

Christopher Markus then explained: “In a way, he has been the mirror of Steve Rogers the entire time. Sentinel shoots Ironhide with is acid-rust blaster from behind and once more while he is down, causing him to rust and escapes. Ironhide is the Autobots’ resident weapons specialist and Optimus Prime’s old friend.

What car is Ironhide in Transformers 3?

GMC Topkick pickup truck
Ironhide. Ironhide is the Autobots’ stalwart weapons specialist and an old friend of Optimus Prime. He appears in the first three movies with the disguise of a GMC Topkick pickup truck.

What truck is Ironside?

2007 GMC Topkick 4×4 Transformer Ironhide Pickup.

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