What is wellness questionnaire?

What is wellness questionnaire?

A wellness consultation questionnaire is a questionnaire used to determine the risk factors associated with disease and illness, as well as to assess the mental and physical health of an individual.

How do you measure employee wellness?

5 Ways to Measure Employee Health and Wellness

  1. Track Sick Time Utilization.
  2. Be Aware of Overtime Rates.
  3. Keep a Handle on Turnover.
  4. Compare Year-Over-Year Insurance Claims.
  5. Ask Your Employees Directly.

What should I ask in a staff survey?

Employee Survey Questions You Should Include in Your Next Survey

  • Employee Survey Questions About Personal Growth.
  • Employee Questions About the Company.
  • Employee Questions About Management Efficiency.
  • Employee Questions About Work Environment.

What are 4 goals for an employee wellness program?

Improve employee health and well-being. Empower employees with health education and lifestyle skills that enable them to achieve their best possible health. Positively affect employee morale and job satisfaction. Optimize performance and productivity.

What are some wellness questions?

Best Wellness Questions to Ask Yourself

  • How do I feel at this moment?
  • What is taking up most of my headspace at the moment?
  • What or who makes me happiest?
  • What will I engage in today to bring myself joy?
  • What am I most committed to?
  • Who or what inspires me the most?
  • Do I have enough quiet time with myself?

What are some wellbeing questions?

The questions are:

  • “Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays?”
  • “Overall, to what extent do you feel the things you do in your life are worthwhile?”
  • “Overall, how happy did you feel yesterday?”
  • “Overall, how anxious did you feel yesterday?”

What are the typical measurement included in the statistics of a workplace wellness program?

Typical process measurements include: Participation rates. Adherence levels (if a long-term program) Participant satisfaction. Perceived value.

What is employee health index?

The THI is a behavioural assessment that measures four pillars that collectively provide the individual with their total health index, which is a resiliency score. The higher the THI score, the higher the likelihood the employee is capable of consistently working at their full potential.

What are the best questions to ask employees?

Questions to Ask Employees about Job Satisfaction

  • Do you enjoy our company culture?
  • What is something we could improve as a company?
  • Do you feel connected to your teammates?
  • Do you believe that teams are aligned?
  • Do you feel that you contribute to the company’s goals?
  • Do you feel valued?

How do you improve employee wellness?

Employee Wellness Resources:

  1. Make Recognition and Praise Part of Your Company’s Culture.
  2. Throw Down Fitness Challenges.
  3. Plan a Mental Health Awareness Month Activity.
  4. Create A Monthly Virtual Wellness Event Program.
  5. Show You Care with Caroo.
  6. Take on mental wellness with shared laughter.

What are some examples of employee wellness activities?

13 Employee Wellness Examples to Follow

  • Provide Healthy Snacks.
  • Promote Fitness at Work.
  • Negotiate Employee Discounts for Gym Memberships.
  • Evaluate Wellness Online.
  • Participate in Take Your Dog to Work Day.
  • Remind Your Employees to Get Flu Shots.
  • Invest in Ergonomic Chairs.
  • Encourage Staff to Get an Eye Test.

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