What is VVS in text?

What is VVS in text?

What Does VVS Mean? This acronym is most commonly used online, and in text messaging to represent the popular phrase “very, very slightly included” even though the word “included” is not part of the acronym.

What does Ttq mean in text?


Acronym Definition
TTQ To the Queen (toast)
TTQ Trying to Quit
TTQ Task Team on Quality
TTQ Tryptophan Tryptophyl quinone

What does WDA mean?


Acronym Definition
WDA Working Dog Association
WDA Wear Debris Analysis (oil analysis)
WDA Weight per Day of Age (livestock)
WDA Wrongful Death Act (law; various locations)

What does Wdp mean in txt?

Acronym. Definition. WDP. Well Done Partner (game chat)

What are V Vs?

Technical speaking, VVS stands for very very slightly included. That means a VVS diamond only has a tiny number of microscopic inclusions that are difficult to see under 10x magnification. The category is subdivided into VVS1 and VVS2, which are the third and fourth-best clarity grades.

What does VS stand for?

Versus, meaning “against, opposed to” or “in contrast to,” is often abbreviated to vs. in sports coverage and to v. in legal documents. Versus and its abbreviations are not italicized.

What is the full form of TtV?

Time to value (TtV) is a business term that describes the period of time between a request for a specific value and the initial delivery of the value requested. A value is a desirable business goal; it can be a quantifiable (tangible) or abstract (intangible). This was last updated in July 2012.

What is Ttq BPO?

TTQ stands for Task Team on Quality.

What does WYD mean?

What (are) you doing?
Wyd is a texting and internet acronym that stands for What (are) you doing? or What (would) you do?

What is the full form of BRD?

Business Requirements Document (BRD) – Understanding the basics.

What does WSP mean on snap?

What does the acronym WSP stand for? According to Cyber Definitions, the full form of the acronym WSP is the slang term “what’s up?” This is used to ask someone what they are doing at the current moment or how they are doing emotionally. This is usually used as a greeting via text or social media.

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