What is UL181B?

What is UL181B?

UL 181B-FX is the standard for HVAC tapes used to seam, seal and join Class 1 Flex Duct. Products meeting this listing are required to meet a minimum width of 1.825 inches, and can be made from a variety of materials such as foil, film or cloth.

What is UL listed tape?

UL Listed foil tapes are used to seal air duct and air connectors and have been stringently tested for flame resistance, mold growth and humidity, static load, impact, pressure, collapse, tension and more.

What is class1 duct?

To be identified as an official Class 1 duct, the duct and connector materials must have a flame spread rating of no greater than 25 with no evidence of continued progressive combustion, and a smoke developed rating of no more than 50.

What is FlexFix tape used for?

FlexFix™ UL181B-FX Film Tape is a tough, contractor grade closure system for Class 1 flexible air ducts and connectors, sealing reflective and bubble insulation and suitable for metal to metal connections in HVAC and refrigeration applications.

Is duct tape a polypropylene?

There are a great many types of duct-sealing tape, made with a variety of adhesives and backings, but the two most durable types are oriented polypropylene duct tape and butyl duct tape.

Who makes shurtape?

As of 2017, Shurtape has around 1,500 employees. Shurtape is owned by the Shuford family. The Shufords have been involved in business in Hickory since 1880, when Abel Alexander Shuford built the first yarn factory in what would become Shuford Mills.

Is electrical tape UL listed?

In addition to being built differently than other tapes, most electrical tapes used by professionals are UL Listed, which means that they have been vigorously tested for performance when exposed to environmental elements, such as cold temperature, moisture, and sunlight.

Is Nashua tape heat resistant?

Made of durable aluminum foil, this high-tack tape adheres to surfaces to form an immediate seal and easily conforms to fit joints and corners. It is designed to be moisture-, mildew-, UV-, and mold-resistant, and it withstands temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

How hot can Class 1 duct tape get?

-10 F to 210 F
UL 181B-FX Listed film tape for use on Class 1 Flex Duct for connecting, joining, sealing and patching flexible air ductwork. DC 181 features an acrylic adhesive system, high performance in temperatures ranging from -10 F to 210 F, and is clearly printed with the UL Listing to ensure every job is code compliant.

What is class 0 flexible duct?

In order to achieve “Class 0”, the duct must have a Flame Spread Value equal to 0 and a Smoke Developed Index equal to 0 when tested to the Surface Burning Characteristics test (UL723, ASTM E-84). All other remaining applicable tests of the UL181 Standard are performed.

Is Class 1 duct tape on dryer?

No! Do not use duct tape to seal a hole in your dryer vent or connect it to the wall or for any other reason. Duct tape should also not be used on your air ducts. Duct tape is a common household item but poses a serious threat to the safety and health of your home when used on dryer vents.

Is Flex Fit tape heat resistant?

A: Flex Tape is best applied to surface temperatures from 20°F to 120°F. Flex Tape can withstand temperatures from -70°F to 200°F.

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