What is the word for clean Hebrew?

What is the word for clean Hebrew?

נקי – clean, pure; innocent – Hebrew conjugation tables.

What does tahor mean in Hebrew?

pure, clean
tahor. pure, clean (figurative); pure, unalloyed.

What is ritual washing in the Bible?

According to Leviticus, anyone who comes into contact with or carries any creature that had not been deliberately killed by shechita was regarded by the biblical regulations as having made themselves unclean by doing so, and therefore was compelled to immerse their entire body.

What the Bible says about washing?

Leviticus 15:13 Now when the man with the discharge becomes cleansed from his discharge, then he shall count off for himself seven days for his cleansing; he shall then wash his clothes and bathe his body in running water and will become clean.

What is Latin for clean?

Latin Translation. mundare. More Latin words for clean. purgo verb. purge, cleanse, purify, justify, clear.

How do you say clean in different languages?

In other languages clean

  1. American English: clean /ˈklin/
  2. Arabic: نَظِيف
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: limpo.
  4. Chinese: 清洁的
  5. Croatian: čist.
  6. Czech: čistý
  7. Danish: ren.
  8. Dutch: schoon.

What does unclean mean in the Torah?

not clean; dirty. morally impure; evil; vile: unclean thoughts. Chiefly Biblical.

What is the meaning of Tumah?

In Jewish law, ṭumah and ṭaharah are the state of being ritually “impure” and “pure”, respectively. The Hebrew noun ṭum’ah, meaning “impurity”, describes a state of ritual impurity.

What is the ceremony of purification?

The ceremony performed by the mother of god in the temple of Jerusalem 40 days after the birth of Christ in fulfillment of the Mosaic Law requiring the cleansing of a woman from the ritual impurity incurred at childbirth.

What does it mean to be washed by the water?

The expression “washed by the water” is a reference to Christian baptism (when you are submersed into water or water is poured over your head) and at that moment you are filled with the Holy Spirit (God).

What does the Bible say about washing your face?

Commentary from the Church Fathers Glossa Ordinaria: The Lord having taught us what we ought not to do, now proceeds to teach us what we ought to do, saying, When thou fastest, anoint thy head, and wash thy face.

What is the Hebrew word for wash?

The two usual Hebrew words for “wash” are rachats, and kabhac, the former being normally used of persons or of sacrificial animals ( Genesis 18:4, etc., often translated “bathe”; Le 15:5, etc.), and the latter of things ( Genesis 49:11, etc.), the exceptions to this distinction being few (for rachats,…

What does the Bible say about hand-washing?

There are also references to hand-washing: And whoever the zav touches, without having rinsed his hands in water, he shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the evening. I will wash my hands in innocency; so will I compass Thine altar, O LORD.

What is ritual washing in Judaism?

Both traditional religious and secular scholars agree that ritual washing in Judaism was derived by the Rabbis of the Talmud from a more extensive set of ritual washing and purity practices in use in the days of the Temple in Jerusalem, based on various verses in the Hebrew Scriptures and received traditions.

What was the water used for washing in the Old Testament?

According to this latter form of ceremony, the water used for washing was perfumed by rose, myrtle, or aromatic spices; the use of spices was an ancient practice, and the Mishnah especially mentions the washing ceremonies using myrtle.

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