What is the transfusion meaning?

What is the transfusion meaning?

A procedure in which whole blood or parts of blood are put into a patient’s bloodstream through a vein. The blood may be donated by another person or it may have been taken from the patient and stored until needed. Also called transfusion.

What is the synonym of transfusion?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for transfusion, like: blood exchange, transfer, transfuse, transmission, transference, exchange-transfusion, haematology, dyscrasia, blood-transfusion, bleeding and exchange.

What is meaning of perfused?

Definition of perfuse transitive verb. 1 : suffuse. 2a : to cause to flow or spread : diffuse. b : to force a fluid through (an organ or tissue) especially by way of the blood vessels.

What is the verb for transfusion?

Definition of transfuse transitive verb. 1a : to transfer (fluid, such as blood) into a vein or an artery of a person or animal. b : to subject (a patient) to transfusion. 2a : to cause to pass from one to another : transmit. b : to diffuse into or through : permeate sunlight transfuses the bay.

Why transfusion is needed?

People receive blood transfusions for many reasons — such as surgery, injury, disease and bleeding disorders. Blood has several components, including: Red cells carry oxygen and help remove waste products. White cells help your body fight infections.

How do you use transfusion in a sentence?

the action of pouring a liquid from one vessel to another.

  1. A blood transfusion saved his life.
  2. Without a transfusion, the victim’s probability of dying was 100%.
  3. The project badly needs a transfusion of cash.
  4. She suffered kidney failure and needed a blood transfusion.
  5. He contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion.

What is the opposite of a transfusion?

Antonyms. sink source stabilisation stabilization inactiveness dormant.

What is well perfused?

Abstract. On the basis of their blood supply, organs in the mammalian body can be classified into two types: well-perfused and poorly perfused. The well-perfused organs include liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, and brain; and the poorly perfused organs include skin and subcutaneous tissue, and resting muscle.

How do you perfuse a mouse?

Place mouse in isofluorane chamber and lightly anesthetize the animal. For mouse anesthesia, administer 0.8 ml/20 g (of mouse body weight) Avertin through intraperitoneal injection with 30 ½ gauge needle. Wait for 3 minutes or until the mouse no longer responds to painful stimuli, such as paw pinch before proceeding.

Which part of the blood can be transfused?

A transfusion provides the part or parts of blood you need, with red blood cells being the most commonly transfused. You can also receive whole blood, which contains all the parts, but whole blood transfusions aren’t common. Researchers are working on developing artificial blood.

How do transfusions work?

During a blood transfusion, a healthcare professional will place a small needle into the vein, usually in the arm or hand. The blood then moves from a bag, through a rubber tube, and into the person’s vein through the needle. They will carefully monitor vital signs throughout the procedure.

What is the sentence of transmitted?

Examples of transmit in a Sentence transmitting and receiving radio signals The radio transmits on two different frequencies. the different ways that people transmit their values The disease is transmitted by sexual contact.

What is the meaning of the word transfused?

To pour (something) out of one vessel into another. 2. To cause to be instilled or imparted: transfused a love of learning to her children. 3. To diffuse through; permeate: a glade that was transfused with sunlight. 4. Medicine To administer a transfusion of or to: transfuse blood into a patient; transfuse a patient.

What is L trānsfūsus?

[ 1375–1425; late ME transfusen ‹ L trānsfūsus, ptp. of trānsfundere to transfer by pouring. See trans-, fuse 2] These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Read more… If agglutination occurs, that particular donor’s blood can not be transfused to that particular recipient.

Could the blood transfused into the baby have been someone else’s blood?

I am aware of the weakness in the health system which means that the blood transfused into the baby could well not have been the blood that had been donated by his uncle. We’re doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.

What is the medical definition of infusion?

to diffuse into or through; permeate; infuse. Medicine/Medical. to transfer (blood) into the veins or arteries of a person or animal. to inject, as a saline solution, into a blood vessel. Archaic. to pour from one container into another.

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