What is the term Mangiacake mean?

What is the term Mangiacake mean?

/ (ˈmandʒjaˌkeɪk) / noun. a derogatory term for a White person of Anglo-Saxon origin, used among Italo-Canadians.

Is Mangia-cake an insult?

“Mangia-cake is not universal Italian Canadian,” writes Mirella Bontempo. “It is only used by Ontarian Italians who speak nary a word of Italian. It isn’t derogatory to everything non-Italian, but rather, describes spartan Anglo weddings, usually a backyard, where they just serve and eat cake.

What do Italians mean by cake eater?

Another possible origin is the derogatory Itaglish term – “mangia checha” which means “cake-eater.” Older Italians used it to describe Americans unfamiliar with the Italian ways. Another possible origin suggests affluence. – Cake Eaters are people from or in a comfortable and affluent background.

What is munge cake?

mangia-cake in British English (ˈmandʒjaˌkeɪk ) noun derogatory. (used among Italo-Canadians) a White person of Anglo-Saxon origin. Collins English Dictionary.

What is a caker?

What’s a “caker?” In short, an Anglo-Saxon who cooks with Cheez Whiz, Cream of Mushroom soup and Cool Whip. The word “caker” is a short form of “mangicake,” a term coined by Italians.

What is a Medigan Italian?

“Medigan” is Italian slang for anyone who’s not Italian. Uncle Nunzi divides the world into two groups. Italians and Medigans. Medigan is not a nice word. It’s a contraction of the words merde de cannes, meaning “dog poop.” Uncle uses the term medigan in the broadest possible sense.

What is a pizon?

English translation:friend. Explanation: “Pizon” looks suspiciously like a misspelling of “paisa'” or “paesano” (literally, “person from the same village”), a term of greeting used among southern Italians, particularly immigrants to the US. The Spanish term “paisano” is used in the same way in the Americas.

What does Cankerous mean?

Definitions of cankerous. adjective. having an ulcer or canker. synonyms: ulcerated, ulcerous unhealthy. not in or exhibiting good health in body or mind.

Is Caner a word?

a person who works with cane, especially one who produces canework for chairs.

What is the definition of Cooz?

(kuːz ) noun vulgar, slang, mainly US and Canadian. the female genitals.

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