What is the summary of Jennifers Body?

What is the summary of Jennifers Body?

When a demon takes possession of her, high-school hottie Jennifer (Megan Fox) turns a hungry eye on guys who never stood a chance with her before. While evil Jennifer satisfies her appetite for human flesh with the school’s male population, her nerdy friend, Needy (Amanda Seyfried), learns what’s happening and vows to put an end to the carnage.Jennifer’s Body / Film synopsis

Is Jennifer’s Body a flop?

This movie is for girls [too]!’ ” “That audience, they did not attempt to reach,” she added. It’s no surprise, then, that “Jennifer’s Body” was largely written off upon its release, considered a critical and commercial failure by most of Hollywood.

What is the moral of Jennifers Body?

The movie dramatizes metaphysical revenge on a world—or half a world—out of whack, on men who only want Jennifer’s body. The power of the idea, though—of the silencing of both Jennifer and Needy in the face of a ruthless young patriarchy—is strangely subordinated in the movie.

Is Jennifers body based on a true story?

Fifteen-year-old Elyse Pahler lived in Arroyo Grande, California, a city with a high crime rate and significant gang activity. On July 22, 1995, she was invited to meet up with fellow teens Jacob Delashmutt, Royce Casey, and Joseph Fiorella to smoke marijuana in a nearby eucalyptus grove.

Why did Jennifers body fail?

Marketing is undoubtedly to blame for why Jennifer’s Body bombed, but a faction of devoted fans helped redeem its reputation over time, paving the way for other movies to succeed where it initially – and unfortunately – failed.

Is Jennifer’s Body a true story?

How did the fire start in Jennifers Body?

The details of the Melody Lane outing are so significant and so resonant that they lend the film most of its power. While the band is playing—and while the excited Jennifer is squeezing Needy’s hand so tightly that she leaves marks—a fire starts in the club’s rafters and spreads quickly, trapping many patrons.

Was Jennifer A Virgin in Jennifers Body?

Unbeknownst to the band, Jennifer was not a virgin. Rather than her dying, she was possessed by a demon which gave her superhuman strength, speed, seduction, beauty, and immortality.

Did Needy go to jail?

After Needy kills Jennifer, Jennifer’s mother comes in and finds Needy with the boxcutter on top of her daughter’s body. Soon after, Needy was later arrested and committed to an asylum. As she was bitten by Jennifer, she has obtained some of Jennifer’s supernatural abilities.

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