What is the sentence of gaol?

What is the sentence of gaol?

Gaol sentence example. In 1730 William Morgan, an Irish student, visited the gaol and reported that there was a great opening for work among the prisoners. The sentence was not carried out, and Peacham is said to have died in gaol (March 1616). His The Gaol Cradle, who rocks it?

What is a gaol definition?

Definition of gaol chiefly British spellings of jail , jailer.

Is gaol a proper noun?

Gaol was the more common spelling between about 1760 and 1830, and is still preferred in proper names in some regions.

Whats the difference between jail and gaol?

Jail is the term used to refer to prisons in American soil and many other jurisdictions around the world while gaol is the term used mostly by British and Aussie (Australian) jurisdictions. 2. Jail is the internationally preferred spelling that pertains to a place where someone receives incarceration.

Why is jail spelled gaol?

They ultimately are the same word – Old Northern French used the form gayol and Parisian French the form jaile. Both forms existed in English but the form gaol was the one that had been taken on by British law.

How do you use strode in a sentence?


  1. The substance is dehydrated and stored as powder.
  2. The ancient Egyptians stored information on scrolls.
  3. The data is stored on the magnetic tape.
  4. All these facts were stored in his memory.
  5. Water is stored in tanks under the roof.
  6. DNA is stored in the nucleus of a cell.
  7. He stored some money for the future.

What language is gaol?

Both gaol and jail are borrowed from French. The first borrowing, gaol, came with the Norman Conquest when a lot of Norman French words to do with law and politics and governance were introduced into English. The second borrowing, jail, came about three centuries later from Parisian French.

What part of speech is gaol?

noun, verb (used with object) British.

When did gaol become jail?

Whatever the OED said, the Oxford University Press style remained gaol. The Guardian long persisted with gaol too but changed to jail in the 1980s, like the other English papers. The Economist Style Guide lists its preference for jail under the letter S, for ‘spellings’.

Is gaol still used?

While ‘gaol’ was the spelling of choice for discerning Britons for much of the 19th and 20th centuries, by the 21st ‘jail’ had replaced ‘gaol’ in the British National Corpus by a ratio of 3:1.

Why is gaol spelled?

What is the spelling of gaol?

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