What is the score for the Mosconi Cup?

What is the score for the Mosconi Cup?

Team Europe retained the Mosconi Cup with a superb 11-6 victory over USA at Alexandra Palace on Friday.

Why did Earl Strickland pull out of Mosconi Cup?

Earl Strickland has been ruled out of the Mosconi Cup due to potential COVID-19 exposure after possible close contact on his flight to London; US captain Jeremy Jones will step in for the pool veteran at Alexandra Palace – live on Sky Sports.

Who won the Mosconi Cup in 2012?

Team Europe
Team Europe won the Mosconi Cup by defeating Team USA 11–9.

Who’s won the Mosconi Cup the most?

The Record for the most Mosconi Cup wins is 9, held jointly by USA’s Johnny Archer and the USA’s Earl Strickland.

What is the score of the 2021 Mosconi Cup?

Team Europe have won the 2021 Cazoo Mosconi Cup at Alexandra Palace, London to retain the cup for a second year in an 11-6 victory over Team USA.

What is the Mosconi Cup 2021 score?

Leading 9–5 going into the final day, Team Europe won two of the last three matches to retain the Mosconi Cup by a scoreline of 11–6, giving Europe the overall series lead at 14–13, with one tie….Friday, 10 December.

Singles Joshua Filler 5–4 Singles Shane Van Boening
2 Session 1
11 Overall 6

What is the score of the Mosconi Cup 2021?

Who won the 2020 Mosconi Cup?

USA ARE PARTYPOKER MOSCONI CUP CHAMPIONS!! TEAM USA 11-8 TEAM EUROPE Team USA retained the partypoker Mosconi Cup with an 11-8 success over…

Who won the 2017 Mosconi Cup?

the United States
The 2017 partypoker Mosconi Cup, the 24th edition of the annual nine-ball pool competition between teams representing Europe and the United States, took place 4–7 December 2017 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada….

2017 Mosconi Cup
MVP Joshua Filler
4 – 11 Europe wins the Mosconi Cup
← 2016 2018 →

Who won 2021 Mosconi Cup?

Who won the 2019 Mosconi Cup?

The 2019 Mosconi Cup (also known as Mosconi Cup XXVI) was a team nine-ball tournament. The event is the 26th Mosconi Cup event, first held in 1994….

2019 Mosconi Cup
Location Las Vegas, United States
Captains Johan Ruijsink (US) Marcus Chamat (EU)
MVP Skyler Woodward
11 – 8 USA wins the Mosconi Cup

How did Team Europe win the Mosconi Cup?

Team Europe retained the Mosconi Cup with a superb 11-6 victory over USA at Alexandra Palace on Friday. The men in blue turned the contest around from 5-3 down to win seven out of the next eight matches and complete a brilliant comeback.

When is the Mosconi Cup 2022?

Only the third player in #MosconiCup history to win back-to-back MVP titles. pic.twitter.com/rq9tja5Vus The Mosconi Cup will now head back stateside in 2022 at Bally’s Hotel & Casino Las Vegas on November 30 to December 3 – live on Sky Sports.

Is the Mosconi Cup coming back to Las Vegas?

Matchroom Multi Sport managing director Emily Frazer said: “We’re delighted to be taking the Mosconi Cup back to Las Vegas for the first time since 2019.

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