What is the rate of Citizen watch?

What is the rate of Citizen watch?

Best Citizen Watches for Men and Women with price list

Citizen watches For Men with price list Price
Eco-Drive Round Analog Grey Dial Men’s Watch – AU1060-51A 14700
Axiom Round Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch – AU1060-51E 14700
Axiom Round Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch – AU1062-56E 15900

How do I identify my Citizen watch?

Most Citizen watches have a model number on the caseback. Every Citizen watch will feature the Citizen logo on the watch face. Check the font of the letters is consistent with the official brand logo and that the quality of finish is high.

How do you date a vintage Citizen watch?

Dating a vintage Citizen watch is relatively straightforward when it has a serial number on the case back. The key is knowing which decade the watch was produced in, and the Movement Table is useful for determining that. The first three numbers in the serial are used for the date – the first number is the year.

Are citizens good watches?

Yes, Citizen watches offer an excellent balance of value and quality. The watches have top-rate quality control, build quality, and use solid materials. There are few watch brands that are totally vertically integrated like Citizen, so they control every aspect of their watches production.

What is eco-drive watch?

Eco-Drive is a light-powered technology that drives watches by capturing light and converting it into energy using an inbuilt solar cell. Suddenly the hassle of replacing batteries was a thing of the past.

Are Citizen watches faked?

For example the authentic Citizen Watch chronograph will have a revolving bezel, which would not turn on a fake. All genuine Citizen watches come with official documentation along with a full manufacturer warranty, if the seller does not offer a stamped warranty they are selling knockoffs.

Are Citizen watches a good buy?

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