What is the rarest card from Fusion strike?

What is the rarest card from Fusion strike?

  1. #1: Mew VMAX (Alternate Art Secret)
  2. #2: Gengar VMAX (Alternate Art Secret)
  3. #3: Espeon VMAX (Alternate Art Secret)
  4. #4: Mew VMAX (Secret)
  5. #5: Mew V (Alternate Full Art)
  6. #6: Inteleon VMAX (Alternate Art Secret)
  7. #7: Genesect V (Alternate Full Art)
  8. #8: Celebi V (Alternate Full Art)

Which Pokemon set has 264 cards?

Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike
The Pokémon TCG has outdone itself with its latest release, Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike. Fusion Strike, which was released in November 2021, is the largest expansion that the Pokémon TCG has ever released with a whopping 264 cards before Secret Rares.

What is the strongest mega ex?

Pokemon: The 12 Strongest EX Cards, Ranked

  1. 1 Mega Gengar EX. Ghost pokemon are always tricky to deal with, and this Mega Gengar EX from the Phantom Forces expansion is no exception.
  2. 2 Mega Charizard X EX.
  3. 3 Mega Charizard Y EX.
  4. 4 Mega Tyranitar EX.
  5. 5 Mega Ampharos EX.
  6. 6 Mega Aggron EX.
  7. 7 Mega Venusaur EX.
  8. 8 Mega Blaziken EX.

Are Fusion Strike packs good?

The composition of Fusion Strike is generally pretty good and while there’s still a big chunk of Ultra Rares, Hyper Rares and Secret Rares, there’s a damn sight less than there was in Evolving Skies. This includes five fewer Rainbow Rares and five fewer gold cards.

What is a Genesect V worth?

$5.47. Report. 2022-04-26. Pokémon SWSH Fusion Strike – Genesect V 185/264 – NM/Mint – Holo Rare V 185/264. $4.49.

How many Vmax are in fusion strike?

eight Pokémon VMAX
The Pokémon Company International has revealed that Fusion Strike will include a total of eight Pokémon VMAX.

Is Shadow Lugia a real card?

Shadow Lugia (Japanese: ダーク・ルギア Dark Lugia) is a Psychic-type Basic Pokémon card. It was released as a promotional card.

How many Genesects are there?

While it is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon, Genesect has four other forms, which are activated by inserting the Drive in the cannon on its back. The Drive is visibly different within its sprites depending on the Drive it is holding….Game locations.

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