What is the radius of the Mun KSP?

What is the radius of the Mun KSP?

200 000 m

Physical Characteristics
Equatorial radius 200 000 m
Equatorial circumference 1 256 637 m
Surface area 5.0265482×1011 m2

How close can you orbit the MUN?

A normal 25 km orbit can be achieved using around 800 m/s delta V. A semi-synchronous orbit with half the rotation period of the Mun is possible at approximately 1797.41 kilometers.

What is the diameter of kerbin?

Synodic orbital period Not defined
Orbital velocity 9 285 m/s
Physical Characteristics
Equatorial radius 600 000 m

Where is the arch on the Mun?

Have you visited all the arches on the Mun? The easter egg KSP wiki page says: Three giant rock arches can be found at 12° 27′ 2″ N 39° 11′ 45″ E, 12° 28′ 18″ S 140° 57′ 40″ W, and 2° 27′ 47″ N 81° 31′ 51″ E.

How big is Vall?

Equatorial radius 300 000 m
Equatorial circumference 1 884 956 m
Surface area 1.1309734×1012 m2
Mass 3.1087655×1021 kg

How far is Mun from kerbin?

about 12Mm
Physically they are about 12Mm from each other.

How long is a day on the Mun?

6 hours long
A solar Kerbin day is 6 hours long, the Mun has an orbital period of 38.6 hours which defines a Kerbin month, and Kerbin has an orbital period of 2556.5 hours which defines a Kerbin year.

What is orbit In KSP?

From Kerbal Space Program Wiki. A spacecraft in orbit around Moho. An orbit is an elliptical path around a celestial body. The point on an orbit which is closest to the orbited body is called the periapsis and the furthest point is the apoapsis. These points are indicated on the map view as “Pe” and “Ap”, respectively.

How do you use Aerobrake in kerbin?

To execute this maneuver the player should start in a low Minmus orbit the lower the periapsis to just below the surface in the centre of one of the flats. Proof-of-concept lithobraking has been carried out successfully, without retro-rockets or parachutes, on both the Mun and Kerbin.

Where is Vaal located?

South Africa
Vaal River

Vaal / ǀHai Lekwa, IliKwa
Native name ǀHaiǃarib (Korana)
Country South Africa
Region Free State, Gauteng, Northern Cape, Mpumalanga

What is the radius of a circle with an area 21cm?

So, the radius of a circle with an area of 21 square centimeters is about 2.59 centimeters. Areas always use square units (like square centimeters), but the radius always uses units of length (like centimeters). If you keep track of units in this problem, you’ll notice that .

How do you find the radius of a circle?

The area of a circle is the space it occupies, measured in square units. Given the area, A A, of a circle, its radius is the square root of the area divided by pi: If you know the diameter of a circle, you can find its radius by dividing the diameter by 2 2: This is the simplest formula you can use to get the radius.

What is the function of a radius of a circle?

The function of a radius of a circle is used to find the diameter, circumference, and area of a circle. Let’s discuss it one by one. 1. Radius to Find the Diameter: As already discussed, the diameter of a circle is twice the length of a radius in a circle.

What is the size of the Mun?

The Mun is considerably larger than 1/10 the size of the real world Moon. The Mun is one of the few bodies in the solar system that is almost completely manually colored (i.e., it uses a color map). Most other planets and moons are colored procedurally or with a lot of procedural colors doing the work.

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