What is the purpose of the floodlight OpenFlow controller?

What is the purpose of the floodlight OpenFlow controller?

Floodlight Controller is an SDN Controller developed by an open community of developers, many of which from Big Switch Networks, that uses with the OpenFlow protocol to orchestrate traffic flows in a software-defined networking (SDN) environment.

What is an OpenFlow controller?

An OpenFlow controller is an application that manages flow control in a software-defined networking (SDN) environment. Most current SDN controllers are based on the OpenFlow protocol. The SDN controller serves as a sort of operating system (OS) for the network.

How do you run a Floodlight controller?

Eclipse IDE

  1. Open eclipse and create a new workspace.
  2. File -> Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace. Then click “Next”.
  3. From “Select root directory” click “Browse”. Select the parent directory where you placed floodlight earlier.
  4. Check the box for “Floodlight”.
  5. Click Finish.

What is Pox controller?

POX is an open source development platform for Python-based software-defined networking (SDN) control applications, such as OpenFlow SDN controllers. POX, which enables rapid development and prototyping, is becoming more commonly used than NOX, a sister project.

What is Ryu controller?

Ryu Controller is an open, software-defined networking (SDN) Controller designed to increase the agility of the network by making it easy to manage and adapt how traffic is handled.

What can you do with OpenFlow?


  • OpenFlow is a communications protocol that gives access to the forwarding plane of a network switch or router over the network.
  • OpenFlow enables network controllers to determine the path of network packets across a network of switches.

Is OpenFlow used?

OpenFlow is the standard southbound protocol used between the SDN controller and the switch. The SDN controller takes the information from the applications and converts them into flow entries, which are fed to the switch via OF. It can also be used for monitoring switch and port statistics in network management.

How do you make a floodlight?

Create Floodlight activities

  1. From an advertiser, click Floodlight > Activities.
  2. Click New.
  3. Name your Floodlight activity.
  4. (Optional) Select Play install tracking if you’re using the Floodlight activity to track app installs from Google Play.
  5. Enter the URL where you plan to add the tag in the Expected URL.

What is OpenFlow switch and how does it work?

An OpenFlow switch is an OpenFlow-enabled data switch that communicates over OpenFlow channel to an external controller. It performs packet lookup and forwarding according to one or more flow tables and a group table.

How do you use pox?

On Mac OS and Linux, however, POX also supports a really simple method: Download the latest PyPy tarball for your OS, and decompress it into a folder named pypy alongside pox.py . Then just run pox.py as usual ( ./pox.py ), and it should use PyPy instead of CPython.

What is the best SDN controller?

Product Rating

Rank Product Score
1 ONOS 92.0%
2 ODL 84.5%
3 Ryu 73.2%
4 OK 71.5%

How do I use Ryu controller in Mininet?

2. Setting up the Ryu OpenFlow controller on Debian 8

  1. Prerequisites. You need internet access.
  2. Enable sudo.
  3. Enable Optimal Screen Resolution (VM Only)
  4. Install Git sudo apt-get install git.
  5. Install Mininet.
  6. Install Ryu OpenFlow Controller.
  7. Install Wireshark sudo apt-get install wireshark.
  8. Install the supporting Python modules.

How do I use floodlight with OpenFlow?

Floodlight is designed to work with the growing number of switches, routers, virtual switches, and access points that support the OpenFlow standard. The quickest way to use Floodlight is to start with our pre-built VM, which includes the controller, IDE, and everything you need to use Floodlight and/or start developing.

What is floodlight controller?

Floodlight Controller, an Apache licensed, Java-based OpenFlow controller, is one of the significant contributions from Big Switch Networks to the open source community. Floodlight’s architecture is based on Big Network Controller (BNC), the company’s commercial offering.

Is floodlight a good SDN controller?

With an extensible Java development environment, and enterprise-grade core engine, Floodlight is both an easy to use and robust SDN controller. In the next section we’ll discuss the architecture and follow it with discussions about writing applications on top of the Floodlight Controller.

What is floodlight?

Floodlight is the leading open source OpenFlow controller. It is supported by a community of developers, including a number of engineers from Big Switch Networks. What is OpenFlow? OpenFlow is a open standard managed by Open Networking Foundation.

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