What is the purpose of a crush sleeve in a differential?

What is the purpose of a crush sleeve in a differential?

Moderator. It’s not for bearing preload it’s like a lock washer for the pinion nut. It springs back around . 015 and keeps a constant pressure on the pinion nut through the front pinion bearings inner race and yoke.

Can you reuse a differential crush sleeve?

The best way to reuse a crush sleeve is to slide it over a piece of pipe and hit with a hammer to make it longer again. It won’t take as much force to crush it again but will ultimately do the job.

How much do you torque a pinion nut?

All you’ll have now is the pinion gear in the housing. Install the nut and tighten the nut until it takes between 15 and 25 INCH pounds of torque to turn. ( if you don’t have an inch pound torque wrench, you’ll need to borrow or buy one) It is not easy to tighten the nut without the pinion and yoke turning.

How do you set a pinion preload without a torque wrench?

3 Ways on How to Set Pinion Bearing Preload without Torque Wrench

  1. Step 1: Find the Right Match.
  2. Step 2: Secure a Tight Fit.
  3. Step 3: Hold The Nut and Rotate.
  4. Step 1: Find The Right Duct Tape.
  5. Step 2: Cut The Tape and Find A Rope.
  6. Step 3: Place The Tape-Rope on Your Pinion Gear Nut.
  7. Step 4: Tighten or Loosen Up The Nut.

Does a JK Dana 44 have a crush sleeve?

The Dana 44 does not use a crush sleeve.

How can I increase my pinion depth?

Use shims to move the ring gear closer to the pinion to decrease backlash. Use shims to move the ring gear farther from the pinion gear to increase backlash. Use shims to move the pinion closer to the ring gear to move the drive the pattern deeper on the tooth (flank contact) and slightly toward the toe.

What is the torque on a Dana 44 pinion nut?

Re: Dana 44 pinion nut torque and preload But looks like 130-160 ft/lbs is correct. Generally 20-30 in/lbs for preload is correct for new bearings (across dana 44s). Used bearing preload is generally 13-15 in/lbs.

What size is the pinion nut on GM 10 Bolt?

PYN10 – 10-Bolt 8.5″; Pinion Nut (30 Spline Pinion)

How tight should carrier bearing preload be?

Carrier bearing preload is established by the tightness of the shims. The carrier should be shimmed tight enough that it must be tapped in with a plastic dead blow hammer. While holding the races on the bearings (and outside shims on the races) start the carrier into the housing and tap it in with the hammer.

When adjusting ring and pinion contact the contact should be near the?

To correct the pattern, move the pinion toward the ring gear centerline. A contact pattern closer to the gear flank means the pinion is too close to the ring gear. To correct the pattern, move the pinion away from the ring gear centerline. 1.


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