What is the price of mini projector in Pakistan?

What is the price of mini projector in Pakistan?

The Lowest price of Mini Projector in Pakistan is Rs. 1,192 and estimated average price is Rs….Price List.

Model Price
LED Mini Stage Light Laser Projector Rs. 2,300
LED Mini HDMI Home Cinema Projector – White Rs. 28,000

What is the price of projector in Pakistan?

The Lowest price of Projector in Pakistan is Rs. 1,192 and estimated average price is Rs. 57,304.

How much is a projector worth?

Projectors can vary greatly in price from under $100 to well over $2,000. This massive price range is why projectors that cost around $500 or so are still considered to be cheap, or at least more affordable, than others.

How much does a projector cost?

Projectors Price in India

Best Projectors Models Price
ViviBright GP90 3200 Lumens LED Corded Portable Projector ₹14900
Unic UC46 Anaglyph 3D Mini LED Projector ₹5999
Play AP005 Android 5.1 4K Ultra HD Projector ₹54800
Asus S1 200 LM LED Portable Projector ₹28999

What is a mini projector used for?

Portable projectors are frequently used in improvised spaces where controlling the ambient light is not always possible. Therefore, ensuring your image will still look bright enough makes a big difference.

How good is a mini projector?

The best mini projectors can give you a sharp, clear picture anywhere you need. Mini projectors are by definition portable and compact. Projectors are particularly handy because they can cast a picture onto any surface and turn it into any size screen you need.

Do projectors have WiFi?

Most wireless projectors on the market use a transmitter and receiver system. A transmitter, such as a USB stick or dongle, is plugged into your computer (or other source device) and the projector has a built-in WiFi chip to act as a receiver.

Where to buy mini projector in Pakistan?

The prices of Mini Projector is collected from the most trusted online stores in Pakistan such as babyplanet.pk, qmart.pk, clickmall.com, and buyon.pk . The collected prices were updated on Jan. 1, 2022, 3:36 p.m. As science and technology are progressing, we people are tending more towards the comfort level.

What is a mini projector?

Mini projectors are the handheld devices having an image projector in it. As the name indicates, it is the tiniest form of handheld projectors. Mini projectors are the portable, easy to carry projector having enough storage capacity to knob presentations and display videos with good graphics.

What are the advantages of a portable projector?

A projector itself is a very handy gadget. A portable projector, however, brings a different level of convenience to your life, one you could not have conceived before. The ability to carry it around and set it up anywhere will change your life for the better.

What are the best projectors that can connect with smartphones?

If you are looking for those projectors that could connect with smartphones, tablets and other small hardware then Pico projector is one of the best options for you. You don’t need to connect it through a heavy setup and easily convert it into workable form with the help of cables and ports.

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