What is the population of Bidar?

What is the population of Bidar?

District Statistics

Name of the Taluk Male Population Total Population
Bhalki 141603 277350
Bidar 241095 469941
Humnabad 169435 332362
Total 870665 1703300

What is the population of Bidar in 2020?

Bidar is one of districts of Karnataka in India, Bidar District population in 2022 is 1,832,920 (estimates as per aadhar uidai.gov.in Dec 2020 data). As per 2011 census of India, Bidar District has a population of 1,703,300 in 2011 out of which 870,665 are male and 832,635 are female.

What is the population of Bidar in 2021?

Bidar district
Highest elevation 715 m (2,346 ft)
Population (2011)
• Total 1,703,300
• Estimate (2021) 1,927,828

What is the old name of Bidar?

Mohammedabad old name of Bidar is also on his name. It was connected to Hyderabad by rail in the early 20th century. After India’s independence, in 1956 all Kannada speaking areas were merged to form the Mysore State and Bidar became part of the new Mysore (now Karnataka) state.

Why is Bidar famous?

Bidar city is known for its Bidri handicraft products, and its rich history. Bidar is also considered one of the holiest place for Sikh pilgrimage. Unlike other places in the region, Bidar is the coldest and wettest place in north Karnataka.

Who is the present DC of Bidar?

Shri Govinda Reddy​
Deputy Commissioner’s Office

Name Designation Phone
Shri Govinda Reddy​, IAS Deputy Commissioner 08482-225409
Sri Shivkumar Sheelvant KAS Addl. Deputy Commissioner 08482-223559
Sri. Ramesh Kolar KAS Assistant Commissioner 08484-250129
Sri Mohammad Nayeem Momin KAS Assistant Commissioner 08482-225373

What is the population of Raichur?


Raichur Rayachoor
• Body RMC
Elevation 407 m (1,335 ft)
Population (2011)
• City 232,456

What is the population of Hubli?

Elevation 671 m (2,201 ft)
Population (2011)
• City 943,857 Hubli-Dharwad
• Rank India : 49 Karnataka : 2 (Along with Dharwad)

Why is Bidar famous for?

Who destroyed Bidar fort?

Mughal viceroy Aurangzeb
Bidar fort was captured by the independent Bijapur Sultanate in 1619–20 but fell to then Mughal viceroy Aurangzeb in 1657, and was formally absorbed by the Mughal Empire in 1686.

Where is Bidar now?

Bidar, city, northeastern Karnataka state, south-central India. It is situated about 2,300 feet (700 metres) above sea level and 68 miles (109 km) northwest of Hyderabad in Telangana state.

What is population of Bidar in 2011 census?

The Bidar city is located in Karnataka state of India. As per provisional reports of Census India, population of Bidar in 2011 is 214,373; of which male and female are 110,628 and 103,745 respectively. Although Bidar city has population of 214,373; its urban / metropolitan population is 216,020 of which 111,470 are males and 104,550 are females.

Where can I find city population data for 2015-2011?

View updated city population data for 2015-2011. The Census Bureau publishes population estimates for cities and local jurisdictions. The following table lists population data for cities and towns with populations exceeding 50,000.

What browser should I use to view city population data?

For optimal browsing, we recommend Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. View updated city population data for 2015-2011. The Census Bureau publishes population estimates for cities and local jurisdictions.

How does the Census Bureau compute city population estimates?

The Census Bureau computes city population estimates by applying a distributive housing unit method to county-level household populations. Numbers of housing units in cities were estimated using building permits, mobile home shipments and calculations of housing unit loss.

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