What is the point of Rebel Without a Cause?

What is the point of Rebel Without a Cause?

At its core, the film is a sensitive plea for tolerance and understanding — from family and from society. Dean plays Jim Stark, the titular rebel whose home life is falling apart thanks to an overbearing mother and a weak-willed father. It’s the 50s and apparently the answer to domestic bliss is domestic violence.

What are Jim Judy and Plato rebelling against?

We are asked to view Jim, hauled in off the streets in a drunken stupor, and Judy, who wanders the night alone after fighting with her father, as examples of pointless teenage rebellion. <3> Instead, we learn both are rebelling against the parents who refuse to love them,<4> or love them too much.

What was Jim Stark rebelling against?

Interests… smoking, drinking, and anything rebellious. Jim just wants to make his parents understand that they’re tearing him apart. Jim is tired of letting them run away.

What is Judy’s problem in Rebel Without a Cause?

She’s a troubled teenager with adolescence issues with her father after he stopped paying father stopped paying as much attention to her and would reproach her grown-up demeanor and maturity. She was portrayed by Natalie Wood.

What happens at the end of Rebel Without a Cause?

Plato later dies because he still has the gun that Jim allowed him to keep, and, at the end of the movie, Jim puts his red jacket on Plato (an item he offered Plato earlier in the police station – another omen), and zips it up like a body bag.

Is Rebel Without a Cause Subversive?

According to J. David Slocum, the legacy of the 1950s seminal film Rebel Without a Cause lies not only in its powerful depiction of youthful rebellion but in its affirmation of the mainstream institution of cinema as a subversive force.

What happened at the end of Rebel Without a Cause?

Did Plato died in Rebel Without a Cause?

But when the police notice that Plato still has the gun they shoot Plato down as he charges them, unaware that Jim had removed the bullets. Frank comforts his grieving son, vowing to be a stronger father. Now reconciled to his parents, Jim introduces them to Judy.

Was Rebel Without a Cause originally in black and white?

The only film of the three starring James Dean not to be a period piece. The other two are East of Eden (1955) and Giant (1956). The film was conceived as a black-and-white “B” picture, and several scenes, particularly at Griffith Observatory, were shot only in black and white and never used.

How long is Rebel Without a Cause?

1h 51mRebel Without a Cause / Running time

What happens in the end of Rebel Without a Cause?

How did Rebel Without a Cause end?

Jim removes the bullets, but Plato leaves the mansion with the gun, and the police shoot him. Humphrey Bogart would say of James Dean that he “died at the right time,=” (via American Legends) – that is, that he’d never be able to live up to publicity behind him if he’d stayed around longer.

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