What is the option to create a circle in 3d Max?

What is the option to create a circle in 3d Max?

To create a circle: On the Create panel, click (Shapes) and make sure Splines is the active category. On the Object Type rollout, click Circle.

How do you curve a box in 3ds Max?

3ds Max opens the Convert Curve on Surface dialog….Procedures

  1. Turn on (Keyboard Shortcut Override Toggle).
  2. At the (Curve) sub-object level, set the selection controls to select curves individually.
  3. Click or drag to select curves.
  4. Hold down Ctrl and use the arrow keys to move among the curves in the current model.

How do you get curves in Max?

To draw a curve:

  1. On the Curve Editor toolbar, click (Draw Curves).
  2. In the Controller window, highlight the track of the curve to draw.
  3. Move your cursor onto the curve and draw. If there are too many points after drawing curves, delete keys or simplify the curve.

Where is the spacing tool in 3ds Max?

On the Extras toolbar, click (Spacing Tool), which is on the Array flyout.

How do you extrude a spline?

Select an Edit Poly or editable poly object. > ribbon > Modeling tab > Polygon Modeling panel > (Polygon) sub-object level > Polygons panel > Shift+click (Extrude On Spline) or choose Extrude On Spline Settings from the drop-down list.

What are smoothing groups 3ds Max?

In 3D computer graphics, a smoothing group is a group of polygons in a polygon mesh which should appear to form a smooth surface. Smoothing groups are useful for describing shapes where some polygons are connected smoothly to their neighbors, and some are not.

What are Splines in 3ds Max?

Using the Spline menu, you can create two-dimensional shapes such as lines, circles, and helixes. You can also add text and draw freehand shapes. Use Line to create a free-form spline made of multiple segments.

Where is the curve editor in 3ds Max?

Right-click the basketball, and choose Curve Editor from the quad menu. 3ds Max opens the Curve editor. The tracks you just created for the ball should be visible on the left, and the curves themselves should appear in the curve window to the right.

How do you extrude an Editable spline?

What is loft in 3ds Max?

‘Lofting is an important method for 3D object creation. You create shape objects to serve as a path and any number of cross-sectional shapes. The path becomes the framework that holds the cross-sections forming your loft object. The term lofting comes from early shipbuilding.

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