What is the name of the famous luthier from Cremona Italy?

What is the name of the famous luthier from Cremona Italy?

Antonio Stradivari

Antonio Stradivari
Died 18 December 1737 (aged 92–93) Cremona, Lombardy
Resting place Church of San Domenico.
Education Nicola Amati Francesco Rugeri
Known for Luthier

What is Cremona Italy famous for?

violins and violas
Cremona is famous for the violins and violas made there in the 16th–18th centuries by the Amati family and their pupils, the Guarneri and Antonio Stradivari.

Which country makes the best cellos?

It’s probable that in Stradivari’s time, the best cellos were made in Italy. And, in the past 100 years or so, the Germans were generally accepted to be the leaders in cello construction.

Who was the most famous violin maker in Cremona?

Bowed string instruments have been handmade since the 16th Century in Cremona, which is also the hometown of Antonio Stradivari, perhaps the greatest violin maker in history.

What was Stradivarius known for?

Antonio Stradivari was an instrument maker in the northern Italian city of Cremona. Born around 1644, he started making string instruments as early as 1666. Though he’s known best for his violins, Stradivari also made violas and cellos, which can fetch millions at auctions.

Is Stradivarius Italian?

Antonio Stradivari, Latin Stradivarius, (born 1644?, Cremona, Duchy of Milan—died Dec. 18, 1737, Cremona), Italian violin maker who brought the craft of violin-making to its highest pitch of perfection. Stradivari was still a pupil of Nicolò Amati in 1666 when he began to place his own label on violins of his making.

Is Cremona an Italian name?

Cremona (/krɪˈmoʊnə/, also UK: /krɛˈ-/; Italian: [kreˈmoːna]; Cremunés: Cremùna; Emilian: Carmona) is a city and comune in northern Italy, situated in Lombardy, on the left bank of the Po river in the middle of the Pianura Padana (Po Valley)….Cremona.

Cremona Cremùna (Lombard)
Website Official website

Where are Cremona cellos made?

Cremona cellos are assembled in California after the parts are initially made in China. The cellos themselves are made hand-carved from tonewoods such as maple, spruce, and ebony. These cellos are good enough on their own but can be made significantly better with small improvements such as upgrading the strings.

Is Cremona a good cello brand?

Cremona cellos make great beginner instruments for a decent price tag. While the parts are made in China, Cremona cellos are assembled in California, so there is definitely American craftsmanship involved.

Who is Italian violin maker?

Antonio Stradivari from Cremona, Italy is the most famous and most recognized name in the history of violin luthiers and violin making in general. His instruments are considered to be the finest among all violins in the world.

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