What is the most useful language in the world?

What is the most useful language in the world?

The Most Important Languages To Learn In 2020

  1. Mandarin Chinese. With over one billion Mandarin Chinese speakers in the world, of course it tops the list of most important languages to learn in 2020.
  2. Spanish.
  3. German.
  4. French.
  5. Arabic.
  6. Russian.
  7. Portuguese.
  8. 8. Japanese.

How does pop culture influence consumer behavior?

Pop Culture influence consumers’ thoughts and behaviours. research shows that culture operates primarily by setting boundaries for individual behaviours and by influencing the functioning of every establishment because the family and mass media.

How do you write a pop culture analysis?


  1. identify the text and its creator(s), and discuss its social context/situation;
  2. contain a clear thesis, or claim regarding the text: make a specific argument about how the text reflects society and why it is so popular.;
  3. summarize the text(s) and incorporate evidence in the form of quotes and paraphrasing.

What are the 5 most important languages in the world?

The 10 Most Spoken Languages In The World

  1. Chinese — 1.3 Billion Native Speakers.
  2. Spanish — 460 Million Native Speakers.
  3. English — 379 Million Native Speakers.
  4. Hindi — 341 Million Native Speakers.
  5. Arabic — 315 Million Native Speakers.
  6. Bengali — 228 Million Native Speakers.
  7. Portuguese — 220 Million Native Speakers.
  8. Russian — 153 Million Native Speakers.

How does culture influence buying Behaviour?

Culture influences what feels right, normal and desirable. Retailers that ask consumers to swim against the social current are making it harder for the consumer to choose their services. It’s usually better practice to make it possible and easy for consumers to choose your product within their cultural comfort zone.

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