What is the message of Black Swan movie?

What is the message of Black Swan movie?

Obsession versus Passion In “Black Swan,” the movie highlights the dangerous divide between being passionate of your work and being obsessed with perfecting it. The director and Lily showcase passion; both of them are clearly enamored with ballet yet their psyches aren’t ravaged by it.

What is Nina mental illness in Black Swan?

According to Malaspina, Nina’s affliction is most consistent with a severely neurotic, obsessive-compulsive patient with features of a borderline personality disorder who suffers from “mini-psychotic episodes.”

What does the end of the Black Swan mean?

That Nina and the White Swan have become permanently fused together, unable to be separated. It doesn’t seem to matter much to Nina either way because she got exactly what she wanted — achieving the ballet perfection that she so longed and trained for.

What really happened at the end of Black Swan?

Nina hides the dead body, gets dressed for her Black Swan act and exits. The reality here, unfortunately, is that the battle is not in Nina’s mind alone. She bashes herself against the mirror and eventually stabs herself. But believing that she’s killed Lily, Nina leaves with her stab wound to perform the Black Swan.

Did Nina sleep with Lily?

Maybe she had the first one at the bar with Lilly and the two guys, because Lilly confirmed they existed the next day. NOT REAL: Therefore, Lilly and Nina did not have actual sex (we know this because after sex, Lilly said something to Nina about being a ‘Good girl’ and then tried to smother her.

Did Nina really stab Beth?

When she returns to her dressing room and changes into her white swan outfit she realizes that she stabbed herself. She continues with the performance and at the end when she has to jump off of the cliff she accepts her fate and has no hesitation.

What are the scratches on Nina’s back?

As the film progresses, Nina completes her transformation into the Swan Queen. She continuously scratches a specific spot on her back, which viewers are told she has done in the past. This behavior develops into the visual and tactile hallucination of Nina sprouting wings.

Does Lily exist in Black Swan?

Yes, Lily is not actually here. Imaginary-Lily suggests that she should do the Black Swan as Nina will not be able to. Imaginary-Lily then transforms into a Dark-Nina. It’s basically a battle between the personalities of the Black-Swan and White-Swan in Nina’s head.

Was Nina a virgin in Black Swan?

It happens on p. 41 at the climax of a rehearsal. In the movie, it’s VERY strongly suggested that Nina is a virgin, and that she lies at one point when the director asks about the men she’s slept with. The scene in the film where the director asks her if she’s had sex is not in the script.

What did Nina’s mom do to her in Black Swan?

When Nina’s mom starts to get mad at Nina for being out, she slaps her, an act that someone like lily would have taken offense to and probably helped Nina out of the house. instead, Lily lets Nina drag her to her room, where the sex scene commences behind a (supposedly) locked door in Nina’s room.

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