What is the meaning of word retrenched?

What is the meaning of word retrenched?

cut down, reduce
Definition of retrench transitive verb. 1a : cut down, reduce. b : to cut out : excise. 2 : to pare away : remove.

What is the opposite meaning of retrench?

Opposite of to reduce (something) in extent or quantity. add. develop. enlarge. expand.

What is retrenchment synonym?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for retrenchment. curtailment, cut, cutback, shortening.

How do you use retrench in a sentence?

1. The company had to retrench because of falling orders. 2. They must retrench their expenditure for the purpose of making up the deficit.

What is the difference between retrenchment and redundancy?

Redeployment – the process of an employee taking up acceptable alternative employment either with the employer or an associated entity of the employer. Retrenchment – an employer has dismissed an employee because their position is redundant (and that employee was unable to be redeployed).

Is restrictiveness a word?

Tending or serving to restrict; limiting.

What is retrenchment of employees?

Retrenchment meaning is terminating an employee due to the surplus of labor or incapacity of employees to match the performance standards of the company.

What refers to retrenchment of staff?

Retrenchment definition Retrenchment is defined as cutting back or a reduction. An example of retrenchment is a company laying off employees to get back within budget. noun.

What is the meaning of laid off from work?

A layoff describes the act of an employer suspending or terminating a worker, either temporarily or permanently, for reasons other than an employee’s actual performance.

How much do you get paid when retrenched?

Severance pay – a retrenched employee must at least be paid 1 week’s pay for each completed year of ongoing service. However, the employer must pay the retrenched employee the amount specified in any policy or his/her employment contract, if that amount is larger.

What does retrenched mean employment?

What is the opposite of restrictiveness?

Antonyms. unrestrictive unconfined permissive offensive tough careless emancipative.

What is the meaning of retrench?

Definition of retrench. transitive verb. 1 a : cut down, reduce. b : to cut out : excise. 2 : to pare away : remove. intransitive verb. : to make retrenchments specifically : economize. Choose the Right Synonym Example Sentences Learn More about retrench. Keep scrolling for more.

What are some good retrenchments to say to someone?

they had retrenched Future I will retrench you will retrench he/she/it will retrench we will retrench you will retrench they will retrench Future Perfect I will have retrenched you will have retrenched he/she/it will have retrenched we will have retrenched you will have retrenched they will have retrenched Future Continuous I will be retrenching

What is an example of retrenchment in business?

When the economy slowed, the company was forced to retrench. Recent Examples on the Web One way or another, the court is poised to retrench on nearly a half century of constitutional protection. — Joan Biskupic, CNN, 1 Dec. 2021 Surging infections caused by the Delta variant has caused some investors to retrench.

What is the root word of retrancher?

[ re- + trench, on the model of Middle French se retrancher, to retire or take a secure position behind entrenchments, reflexive of retrancher, to fortify (a position) with trenches : re-, re- + tranchée, trench (from Old French trenchiee, tranchee, from feminine of trenchie, past participle of trenchier, to cut; see trench ).]


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