What is the meaning of the poem La Belle Dame sans Merci?

What is the meaning of the poem La Belle Dame sans Merci?

The poem, whose title means “The Beautiful Lady Without Pity,” describes the encounter between a knight and a mysterious elfin beauty who ultimately abandons him. It is written in the style of a folk ballad, with the first three stanzas a query to the knight and the remaining nine stanzas the knight’s reply.

Where does the Knight meet a beautiful lady in La Belle Dame sans Merci?

On the cold hill’s side, Ans: These lines have been taken from the poem ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ composed by John Keats. The knight is led to a cave and lulled to sleep by a beautiful lady.

What is the reason for the knight to loiter all alone in La Belle Dame sans Merci?

He is “alone and palely loitering” and this describes his state since the mysterious young woman disappeared from his life. This information in the opening lines is presented as a question that the reader/witness asks the knight, and his response forms the rest of the poem, where he describes the woman he met.

Who was alone and palely loitering in the poem?

Keats uses two speakers: the first is the anonymous narrator who spies the knight ‘alone and palely loitering’ in a barren landscape where ‘no birds sing’. He sets the tone of the knight’s suffering, letting us know how haggard and woe-begone he is.

What kind of real relationship is symbolically portrayed in La Belle Dame sans Merci?

Throughout the article, Keats’ poem “La Belle Dame sans Merci” is given with the theme of the protagonist knight’s love for a beautiful woman who does not have pity. The Knight’s love for the La Belle Dame illustrates love as a symbol of life and death.

What kind of dream did the knight see?

Explanation: In his dream, the knight sees “pale [dead] warriors” who tell him that the belle dame, or beautiful woman, has him in her “thrall.” In other words, he is in her power.

How does the Knight describes the lady in the poem?

Answer. Answer: Note the way that the knight describes the lady in stanza four: I met a lady in the meads, Full beautiful–a faery’s child; She is “full beautiful,” in fact so beautiful that the knight concludes she was a “faery’s child,” or the product of magic.

Why was the Knight loitering near the lake?

Why is the knight loitering about? Ans: The knight was loitering about beautiful fairy lady who enslaved him . The knight was enraptured by the beauty and the lady also accepted his love . She took him to a grot and made him sleep .

Who is the lady in the poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci?

The Lady is finally revealed to be La Belle Dame sans Merci—literally, The Beautiful Lady Without Mercy. Strangely, the Lady’s merciless behavior actually consists of the love and joy she provides; her sudden disappearance is what makes the knight’s experience so painful exactly because she was previously so kind.

Who is the speaker of the poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci?

By John Keats “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” is in the form of a dialogue between two speakers. The first is the unnamed speaker who comes across a sick, sad knight and pesters him with questions for the first three stanzas. Stanzas 4-12 are the knight’s response.

How did the lady reciprocate his love in La Belle Dame sans Merci?

The beautiful lady reciprocated the knights’ love and sang a fairy song while riding on the horse with him. She brought sweet-tasting roots, honey, and enchanted food and in an unfamiliar language said, “I love thee true!” She took the knight to her fairy cave and sang a lullaby to make the knight go to sleep.

What is the dilemma of the knight in La Belle Dame sans Merci?

The landscape in which the knight-at-arms is depicted at the beginning and, for that matter, the end of “La Belle Dame sans Merci” is lifeless and sterile. The sedge has withered from the lake, And no birds sing. This is an instance of what Ruskin called the pathetic fallacy.

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