What is the main idea of the drummer boy of Shiloh?

What is the main idea of the drummer boy of Shiloh?

In Ray Bradbury’s story, Joby, a drummer boy, symbolizes importance and bravery, the general symbolizes a father figure and inspiration, and The Battle of Shiloh symbolizes death. Joby,the drummer boy of Shiloh, is a symbol of importance and bravery.

What do peach blossoms symbolize in the drummer boy of Shiloh?

The falling of the peach blossoms occurs toward the end of spring and symbolizes the loss of youth and innocence associated with the ensuing battle. They contribute to the overall mood of sadness in the story.

What is the problem in the drummer boy of Shiloh?

Joby, the drummer boy, has a internal conflict with himself by being scared to die. In the second part of the story the reader starts to feel happy for Joby because the General comforts joby and asks him to lead the army through the war.

What type of story is the drummer boy of Shiloh?

Historical Fiction
Historical Fiction. “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” is a good example of historical fiction. Historical fiction tells a story that is partly based on actual historical events and is partly made up. Writers of historical fiction use specific details to make the past come alive in the reader’s imagination.

How has Joby and his feelings about the drum changed by the end of the story?

Sample Answer: At the end, Joby turns the drum up to face the sky and puts his arm around it. The drum now represents power and makes him feel secure. Joby changes from being fearful and panicky to being courageous and ready to face the battle the next day.

What does the general best symbolize?

What does the General BEST symbolize? What is the theme of the story? Be brave and never give up. Some jobs are more important than others.

What is the resolution of the drummer boy of Shiloh?

Resolution: Joby realizes that he has a very important part to play in the war. Ray Bradbury was one of the most celebrated writers of our time.

What is the climax of the drummer boy of Shiloh?

Character. The climax is when the general talks to Joby to make him more confident and shows that even the general is scared. The main characters Name is Joby who is scared but the General makes him more confident.

What solution did the general come up with in the drummer boy of Shiloh?

His solution is to just send them into battle without a plan. He thinks by not talking to the soldiers they will win. The drummer boy is the solution because he can bring them all together.

Is the Drummer Boy of Shiloh a real story?

Remembered as the Drummer Boy of Shiloh, Johnny Klem was a 9-year-old when the Civil War began on April 15, 1861. There is a story that started soon after the end of the Civil War that Johnny was at the Battle of Shiloh in April of 1862.

What conclusion can we draw about how the drummer boy feels at this point provide evidence to support your answer?

You can conclude that the drummer boy is scared and anxious because he is alert to his surroundings. He expresses that he has no protection since he’s a dummer boy with only a drum and two sticks.

What will Joby and his drum symbolize during the battle?

Lines 170-176: The General’s statement to Joby that “you’re the general of the army when the General’s left behind” means that Joby and his drum will symbolize what during the battle? ○ Joby and his drum will symbolize the General’s strength and inspiration.

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