What is The Lion King VHS tape worth?

What is The Lion King VHS tape worth?

21 The Lion King The first edition of this VHS tape is approximately $1,500, which is a lot of money for one single film.

Will there be a Lion King 2 2021?

The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride is a 2022 American musical film directed and produced by Jon Favreau, written by Jeff Nathanson, and produced by Walt Disney Pictures.

Is Lion King 2 in the box office?

A drop on par with Alice Through the Looking Glass gets Lion King 2 to $483 million worldwide.

Why is Lion King 2 straight to video?

Siskel & Ebert gave the film a “two-thumbs up” and said it was a “satisfactory sequel to one of the most popular films of all time, The Lion King”. However, they also said it was best that it went to video, citing that the music was lacking and not remotely equal to the original’s soundtrack.

Where can I sell old Disney movies?

The Best Places To Sell Disney VHS Tapes

  • eBay. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling Pokemon cards, Beanie Babies, or Disney VHS tapes; eBay should be your first stop.
  • The Facebook Marketplace.
  • Mercari.
  • Garage Sales.
  • Etsy.
  • Pawn Shops.
  • OfferUp.
  • Craigslist.

Why are VHS tapes selling for so much?

According to Thomas Perella of eBay’s content team, there is “surprising value” in certain old VHS tapes. Credit nostalgia, he said. The primary reasons include the nostalgia factor, Disney collectors, and the format itself, Perella explained. “Some people are flocking to stuff from the ’80s and ’90s.

Is Vitani Scar’s daughter?

She IS Scar’s daughter. No one in the TLK universe are reffered to as mates if they don’t have cubs. Zira is Scars mate therefore Vitani and Nuka are both his cubs.

What is the best way to sell old VHS tapes?

Here are some places you can try flogging those old VHS tapes:

  1. eBay. eBay is the king when it comes to selling unwanted items that you don’t think have a re-sale value.
  2. Amazon. If your tapes aren’t going to be worth that much from nostalgia alone, Amazon could work for you instead.
  3. Car Boot Sales.
  4. VHS Facebook Groups.

How much is the original Little Mermaid VHS worth?

The Little Mermaid VHS with original, also called “banned,” cover art can sell for up to $300 on eBay. When searching completed listings, many sellers don’t know to use the keywords original or banned cover art, so make sure those keywords are in the title and description area.

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