What is the lateral malleolus?

What is the lateral malleolus?

The lateral malleolus f orms the lower extremity of the fibula. It is of a pyramidal form, and somewhat flattened from side to side; it descends to a lower level than the medial malleolus.

What are the symptoms of a lateral malleolus fracture?

This article reviews symptoms of a lateral malleolus fracture and ways to treat it. Lateral malleolus fractures cause pain, swelling, and bruising around the ankle. If you have pain in other areas of the foot and ankle, you may have a more serious ankle injury.

What is the treatment for a stable lateral malleolus fracture?

There are two parts involved in the treatment of a stable lateral malleolus fracture. First, you need to focus on resting and getting the swelling to go down. Then, you can gradually progress to putting weight on the ankle again. Ice application: Apply ice to help reduce pain and swelling.

What is the posterior border of the malleolar sulcus?

The posterior border is broad and presents the shallow malleolar sulcus, for the passage of the tendons of the Peronæi longus and brevis. The summit is rounded, and give attachment to the calcaneofibular ligament

The lateral malleolus is a bony prominence on the fibula, one of the long bones that makes up the lower leg. The fibula is the narrowest of the long bones, situated on the outside of the leg, with this prominence creating the distinctive bump on the outside of the ankle.

What is overlap of malleoli and lateral malleolar accessory center of ossification?

Overlap of malleoli may initially be confusing on lateral radiographs, but malleoli and lateral malleolar accessory center of ossification can reliably be identified. (Top) Mortise view shows os subfibulare in an adult patient. Os subfibulare occurs in ~ 1% of children but usually fuses by adulthood.

How is ankle stability maintained in lateral malleolus fractures?

Ankle stability is maintained by ligamentous and bony anatomy. The deep deltoid ligament is considered the primary stabilizer of the ankle. In the setting of an isolated lateral malleolus fracture, identifying injury to this ligament and associated ankle instability influences management.

How serious is a lateral malleolus fracture?

A lateral malleolus fracture is usually not too serious. But your healthcare provider might test you for signs of a more serious, unstable ankle fracture. 3 The good news is that isolated lateral malleolus fractures don’t usually have this problem and tend to be stable ankle fractures.

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