What is the history behind Polyfest?

What is the history behind Polyfest?

A Proud History The objective of Polyfest was to demonstrate the pride of cultural identity, and to bring schools and the different cultures between them, together. The inaugural Polyfest festival was held at Hillary College (Otara), and was well supported by students, parents, school staff and the wider community.

Why is Polyfest important?

the purpose and significance of this event The ASB Polyfest provides a traditional cultural dance experience for the Maori and Pacific Island community as well as the general public, increasing public awareness of culturally based dance art forms.

How many people go to Polyfest?

For the first time in its 46-year history, the world’s biggest Māori and Pasifika festival has kicked off without a crowd – and with many performers unable to attend due to Covid. The four-day Polyfest in Auckland usually attracts about 90,000 people, but no spectators are permitted due to the current restrictions.

How has Polyfest changed over time?

Since the beginning of Polyfest, the festival has continued to grow and grow with beaming amounts. Each year the festival moved from school to school – for example, Mangere College, which hosted Polyfest in 1977. Each year more and more schools and cultures have gotten involved with the competition.

Who Organises Polyfest?

The Trust is made up of Secondary School Principals, Mana Whenua representative, Pasifika representative and two representatives from the Komiti Whakahaere (Stage Coordinators Committee). They provide governance and oversee the delivery and financial aspects of the festival.

When did Polyfest move to Manukau Bowl?

The festival was rapidly becoming so large that it was beyond the capabilities of a single school to sustain, so in 1995, the location was changed to the Manukau Velodrome, where it was possible to establish stage areas for different cultures and manage the public and the parking more easily accessible.

Is there Polyfest 2021?

ASB Polyfest features traditional music, dance and reo and is a colourful showcase of the diverse cultures of Aotearoa. ON DEMAND AVAILABLE TO VIEWERS GLOBALLY.

How much is the entry for Polyfest?

Get Your Tickets Single day tickets can be purchased online at $5. A flexipass ticket which allows you to come on any one day of the festival is $6. Gate Entry is $7.50.

How much is it to get into Polyfest?

Where is ASB Polyfest held?

Polyfest gets off to a wet start in Manukau, south Auckland, with thousands of students taking part. For the first time since 1976, the world’s biggest Pacific dance festival opens in Auckland this week but without crowds.

Is Polyfest 2022 still on?

The Auckland Secondary Schools Maori & Pacific Islands Cultural Festival – ASB Polyfest, is back for 2022 to celebrate its 47th anniversary as an online event. It will be livestreamed on Wednesday 23 March to Saturday 26 March on our website.

How much are Polyfest tickets?

Get Your Tickets

  • Single day tickets can be purchased online at $5.
  • A flexipass ticket which allows you to come on any one day of the festival is $6.
  • Gate Entry is $7.50.

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