What is the highest rated episode of Parks and Rec?

What is the highest rated episode of Parks and Rec?

Parks And Recreation: The 10 Best Episodes (According To IMDb)

  • 8 Moving Up: Part 1.
  • 7 Fancy Party.
  • 6 Win, Lose or Draw.
  • 5 Leslie And Ben.
  • 4 Moving Up: Part 2.
  • 3 One Last Ride: Part 1.
  • 2 Leslie And Ron.
  • 1 One Last Ride: Part 2.

Are Leslie and Ann friends in real life?

The two played best friends Ann and Leslie on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, and they’ve also been best friends in real life for years, the kind of friends who stay in and watch “lady movies” like Fried Green Tomatoes, go shopping and buy “pretty much all the same clothes,” and split bottles and count money with Jay Z at …

Did Leslie have a crush on Ann?

Leslie had a bit of a platonic crush on Ann from the start, and basically kept showing up, pushing, literally spending time outside her front door (because of the Pit), that Ann is less a friend, and more a victim of Stockholm Syndrome.

Who is the best character on Parks and Rec?

Parks & Recreation: The Best Character In Each Season

  1. 1 Season Seven – Ron.
  2. 2 Season Six – Ben.
  3. 3 Season Five – April.
  4. 4 Season Four – Leslie.
  5. 5 Season Three – Chris Traeger.
  6. 6 Season Two – Andy.
  7. 7 Season One – Ann Perkins.

What’s the best season of Parks and Rec?

season 3
In order to determine which is the best overall season of Parks and Recreation, we deferred to the average episode rating for each. The rankings were predictably neck and neck (with the exception of the notoriously rocky first season), but it’s season 3 that ultimately came out on top.

Did Andy and April dating in real life?

In the show, April is married to Andy but in real life, Aubrey has been dating director Jeff Baena since 2011. The two have proven themselves a dynamic duo because they also work on many projects together.

Why do Mark and Ann break up?

Mark planned to propose to Ann, but she’d told Leslie she wanted to break up with him, and she did dump him after Leslie narrowly prevented Mark from making what would have been a humiliating proposal during the Diabetes Telethon.

Does Mark and Ann end up together?

8 Ann And Mark She and Mark date casually but break up when she realizes how much more he cares for her than she for him. Since Mark’s time on the show was relatively short, things obviously didn’t last between the two. Ann later marries Chris and they move away together, leaving the show during the same season.

What happens to Leslie Knope after recall?

It does not take long for a final result to be announced – Leslie loses the recall election in a landslide, as Pawnee voters decisively remove her from the city council. Leslie does not handle the situation well. She comes into work the next day dressed like a slob and eating a burger from Paunch Burger.

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