What is the Glycine Airman No 1?

What is the Glycine Airman No 1?

The watch has gone through dozens of versions, from the utilitarian to the downright bizarre, but in 2014, Glycine came full circle when it released the Airman No. 1, a re-issue of that very first edition of the 1950s.

Are there any new Glycine Airman watches on Massdrop?

8 New Glycine Airman Models Introduced on Massdrop. In a surprising turn of events, the seemingly dormant Glycine brand has just announced eight new versions of their beloved Airman No. 1 pilot’s watch on Massdrop.

What is the power reserve of the glycine gl293?

Inside, all versions utilize a base Sellita SW330-1 automatic movement with 42 hours of power reserve and a 28,800 bph operational frequency. Even though it’s branded as the Glycine GL293, the fact remains that it is a very accessible base movement that is easy to maintain.

What is the Glycine Airman 40mm case?

Glycine also stated that the 40mm case was introduced as a response to consumer demand—so at least there’s a sign that Glycine is willing to work with their fans for something special. The 36mm ‘Purist’ model is the closest connection to the Airman’s source material.

What is the Glycine Airman base 22 purist gl0211?

The Glycine Airman Base 22 Purist GL0211 offers a “murdered out” look of the famous GMT watch. Additionally, it is one of the most recent offerings of the brand, which explains its modern aesthetic. Its GMT bezel comes in a brownish hue that gives a lot of visual interest.

Who owns glycine watches?

It all started when Eugene Meylan founded Glycine in 1914. Back then, they were known for making small movements for women’s watches. But when the 1930s came, the company started branching out into making watches that were self-winding and chronometer-rated. After more than a decade, Charles Hertig Sr. decided to buy the company.

What does the airman 42 double twelve gl0175 have to offer?

As its name suggests, the Airman 42 Double Twelve GL0175 offers two 12-hour markers: one on the dial and the other on the bezel. Its dial comes in a gradient blue colour. From dark blue at the top, it slowly turns into a lighter one as you go to the bottom. I believe that a lot of people call this the “degrade-style” dial.

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