What is the genitive case used for in Latin?

What is the genitive case used for in Latin?

The genitive case is most familiar to English speakers as the case that expresses possession: “my hat” or “Harry’s house.” In Latin it is used to indicate any number of relationships that are most frequently and easily translated into English by the preposition “of”: “love of god”, “the driver of the bus,” the “state …

What is the main reason for using corpora?

The use of corpora is a new tool that provides teachers with authentic data about language structure and also promotes student autonomy because they can explore a determined corpus and do their own research about language features.

What does mare mean?

adult female horse

What is Corpus money?

Normally a corpus fund denotes a permanent fund kept for the basic expenditures needed for the administration and survival of the organization. The corpus fund is generally not allowed to be utilized for the attainment of the purposes, but the interest/dividend accrued on such fund can be utilized or accumulated.

How do you cite Corpus of Contemporary American English?

Work Cited Davies, Mark. The Corpus of Contemporary American English. 2008, www.english-corpora.org/coca/.

What is the dative case used for in Latin?

The Dative case is chiefly used to indicate the person for whom (that is, for whose advantage or disadvantage) an action happens or a quality exists.

How do you cite in linguistics?

citations, linguists usually follow the Author-Date style, where in a work is referred to by the author’s last name followed by the year of publication. It is sometimes acceptable to refer to the work of an author, citing only the year of publication immediately after the author.

How do you reference a corpus?

In the first reference to the corpus in your paper, please use the full name. For example, for COCA: “the Corpus of Contemporary American English” with the appropriate citation to the references section of the paper, e.g. (Davies 2008-).

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