What is the film And So It Goes about?

What is the film And So It Goes about?

Nobody likes real-estate agent Oren Little (Michael Douglas), and he prefers it that way. He’s deliberately mean to anyone who crosses his path and wants nothing more than to sell one final house and retire. Oren’s life turns upside-down when his estranged son drops off a granddaughter (Sterling Jerins) he didn’t know existed. Oren has no idea how to take care of a child, so he pawns the girl off on his neighbor, Leah (Diane Keaton) — but he learns how to open his heart eventually.And So It Goes / Film synopsis

What is the rating of the movie And So It Goes?

PG-13And So It Goes / MPAA rating

Did Diane Keaton do her own singing in the movie And So It Goes?

More than 35 years on, Keaton says she was thrilled to have a “second chance” to live out her fantasy in And So It Goes, which sees her character perform a particularly haunting rendition of The Shadow of Your Smile. “I got nervous singing on set, of course, because I haven’t sung for so long.

What town was the movie And So It Goes filmed in?

Bridgeport, Connecticut
FILM LOCATION: Bridgeport, Connecticut The scenic waterfront area is definitely one of the main reasons And So It Goes set up camp to shoot in Bridgeport.

Are Michael Keaton and Diane Keaton?

She is not related to Michael Keaton, as her birth name is Diane Hall. She changed her last name to her mother’s maiden name as a result of a Diane Hall already being in the Actors Guild.

Who plays Sarah in so it goes?

Sterling Jerins
One day, Oren’s estranged son suddenly leaves his father in charge of his own ten-year-old daughter Sarah (Sterling Jerins), a granddaughter whom Oren never knew existed.

How long is the movie And So It Goes?

1h 34mAnd So It Goes / Running time

How old was Diane Keaton in the movie and so it goes?

“And So It Goes” marks the first time that Keaton, 68, has worked with Douglas and Reiner, although she auditioned for a long-forgotten 1971 youth drama, “Summertree,” that starred Douglas, with Reiner as his best friend. She didn’t get the gig.

Who wrote the song And So It Goes?

Billy JoelAnd So It Goes / Composer

What disease does Michael Keaton have?

He is an emotional stranger to his loving wife, played by Nicole Kidman. But then he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. While fighting his illness, Keaton’s character learns that his wife is pregnant.

Does Michael Keaton have a wife?

Caroline McWilliamsMichael Keaton / Wife (m. 1982–1990)

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