What is the easiest way to clean wooden blinds?

What is the easiest way to clean wooden blinds?

The easiest, fastest, and best way to clean wooden blinds and keep them dust free is by giving them a quick flick over with a feather duster or soft, clean, anti-static cloth as part of your regular cleaning routine; unless this means once a year for you, in which case maybe step it up a bit.

What repels dust on wood blinds?

Dry the blinds with towels and re-hang. Make sure the blinds are open so that air can circulate between the slats. After drying, wipe each slat with a fabric softener sheet to help repel dust. For exceptionally dirty blinds, especially those in kitchens, use a degreaser (view example on Amazon).

How do you keep dust off blinds?

Use a dryer sheet to keep dust at bay. Vinyl and Aluminum Blinds – Dust often and spot clean stains with mild detergent using warm water and then blot them dry. Tilt the slats up and down slightly to dust both sides, moving along each slat. Avoid pressing down too hard, so you don’t bend or break them.

Can you clean wooden blinds with vinegar?

A Magical Mix Before submerging the blinds, add a gallon of white vinegar and a capful of the scented blue Dawn dishwashing detergent. Swish the blinds around to loosen built-up grime and dust — the detergent takes care of the dirt, while the vinegar cuts grease and restores the shine.

Can vinegar damage wood?

hardwood floors, wood furniture, and other word surfaces – due to its acidic nature, vinegar can damage hardwood floor finishes, causing them to look dingy. Use either a cleaner specifically made for hardwood floors or a mix of soap and water.

How do you keep dust off faux wood blinds?

Dust your blinds weekly with a feather duster or a dry microfiber cloth. You can clean dusty blinds more easily by closing the blinds and running the duster or cloth over each slat and then working your way up and down and side to side.

How often should you dust your blinds?

Blinds are an easy window treatment but cleaning them can be a pain in the slats. According to home maintenance expert Bob Vila, the key is to dust them at least once a week. For best results, close the blinds, then dust them in the direction of the slats using either a microfiber duster, feather duster or soft cloth.

Do dryer sheets clean blinds?

Dryer sheets are great for eliminating static cling in your laundry, but they can also be used to clean and remove static electricity on everything from louvered and Venetian blinds to TV screens. Just wipe down the surface with the dryer sheet, then throw it away when it becomes dirty.

Does white vinegar clean blinds?

White vinegar is a quick and easy blind cleaner. Simply put a clean soft cloth over your hand and dip your covered fingertips into a bowl of vinegar. Swipe your hand across the top and bottom of each slat and voila!

Can you hose off wooden blinds?

Rinse the blinds gently with a garden hose while tilting them so that the water runs off. To prevent water spots from forming, quickly run your finger down the slats a couple of times to remove excess water. When done, drape the blinds over a fence or a couch to dry.

How do you clean wooden blinds without removing them?

What Is the Best Way to Clean Blinds Without Taking Them Down?

  1. Always dust your wooden blinds as you clean your home.
  2. Wipe real wooden blinds with wood cleaner and use a cleaning solution for faux wood.
  3. Avoid dipping your blinds in water. Wipe with a damp cloth instead.
  4. Use a vinegar solution for blinds in kitchens.

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