What is the difference between DCI and WGI?

What is the difference between DCI and WGI?

DCI: Much more about precision as far as cleanliness, marching technique and hands technique. WGI: More relaxed, as far as approach to the drum, and is generally more about performing and doing movement.

What DCI Group has won the most?

Drum Corps International World Class Champions

  • Blue Devils – 19 titles (2 ties)
  • The Cadets – 10 titles (1 tie)
  • The Cavaliers – 7 titles (1 tie)
  • Santa Clara Vanguard – 7 titles (1 tie)
  • Madison Scouts – 2 titles.
  • Phantom Regiment – 2 titles (1 tie)
  • Anaheim Kingsmen – 1 title.
  • Star of Indiana – 1 title.

Who won DCI 2020?

Phantom Regiment won its second Drum Corps International World Championship on Saturday night in Bloomington, Ind. The corps scored a 98.125 to narrowly edge the Blue Devils’ 98.100.

How much does it cost to join a DCI band?

The average cost for a performer to be in a World Class corps is approximately $3,900, with approximately $2,400 of that attributed to tuition and fees. The average cost for participation in an Open Class corps is approximately $2,200 with $1,500 of that attributed to tuition and fees.

How do you get into WGI?

In order to compete using WGI rules, an Independent A or Open class unit must all be 22 years of age or UNDER at the time of the their specific class finals at the WGI World Championships. An Independent World Class unit may select members of all ages.

What is the best DCI show ever?

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  • 2) 1997 Blue Devils (1st, 98.400)
  • 3) 1993 Star of Indiana (2nd, 97.300)
  • 4) 2000 The Cavaliers (Tied for 1st, 97.650)
  • 5) 2016 Bluecoats (1st, 97.65)
  • 6) 1988 Madison Scouts (1st, 97.100)
  • 7) 2014 Bluecoats (2nd, 97.175)

Who won 2005 DCI?

The Cadets
Official DCI Scores

Year Champion Score
2005 The Cadets 99.15
2004 The Cavaliers 98.7
2003 Blue Devils 98.8
2002 The Cavaliers 99.15

Do drum and bugle corps still exist?

This style of marching band has its roots in the military, but a majority of modern corps are not comprised of military personnel, although the major military academies still maintain drum and bugle corps units.

How much does Phantom Regiment cost?

It costs Phantom Regiment upwards of $1500/day to feed our members, instructors, volunteers, drivers, and tour staff.

How expensive is WGI?

$60 to audition and $950 for group fees.

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