What is the difference between CTP and CTcP plates?

What is the difference between CTP and CTcP plates?

CTP plate is the present plate making method while CTCP plate is getting more and more attention.

What is CTcP plate?

CTcP refers to Computer-to-Conventional-Plate. GE CTcP plate is uniquely designed for UV sensitive emulsion coating for UV-CTP platesetters. A great transformation from the tradition PS plate, CTcP is more cost-effective without films and rinsing materials required.

What is plate setter in printing?

A machine that generates plates for a printing press. A platesetter is similar in function to an imagesetter, except that instead of producing film from which the plates are made, the plates themselves are made.

How many types of CTP plate are available in the market?

Among the many types, there are three main kinds: photopolymer plates, silverhalogen plates and thermal plates.

How does a plate processor work?

How they work is pretty simple. The emulsion on a printing plate is water-soluble before it’s exposed. When it’s exposed, whether to ultraviolet light, purple light or heat (depending on the kind of plate you’re using), the exposed areas become insoluble. You put the exposed plate in the entry.

What does CTP stand for in printing?

Computer-to-plate (CTP) is an imaging technology which helps to transfer a digital image generated in a computer directly to a printing plate.

What is CTP workflow?

In a CTP workflow, removing one generation of image reproduction (imaging plates directly from the digital information rather than producing film and then burning plates from the film) increases the sharpness of the type and image detail.

Is CTP a high energy compound?

CTP is a high-energy molecule similar to ATP, but its role as an energy coupler is limited to a much smaller subset of metabolic reactions.

What is thermal CTP plates?

Computer-to-plate (CTP) is an imaging technology used in modern printing processes. In this technology, an image created in a Desktop Publishing (DTP) application is output directly to a printing plate.

What is critical process CTP?

Critical to Process (CTP) are the key components of input variables. They are the process parameters that influence other critical approaches and those are CTQ(Critical To Quality) and CTD (Critical To Delivery) and Critical To Cost (CTC).

What is the full form of CTP?

CTP – Cyclic Time Processor. CTP – Composite Theoretical Performance. CTP – Complement Taking Predicate.

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