What is the Cutting Room in New York City?

What is the Cutting Room in New York City?

The Cutting Room is a music venue in New York City that was open at 19 West 24th Street from late 1999 through January 2009 for music of all varieties and reopened at the beginning of 2013 in a new location at 44 East 32nd Street.

What is the cutting room?

Definition of cutting room : a room where film or videotape is edited —often used attributively in cutting-room floor to describe something removed or discarded in or as if in editing a film.

Who owns the Cutting Room NYC?

Created by original owner Steve Walter (Berklee Alumnus) and co-owner Chris Noth (Sex and the City, Law & Order, The Good Wife), the new Cutting Room continues the tradition of extraordinary performances and special moments, with a fresh new take on what a rock club & lounge should feel like.

What does left on the cutting room floor mean?

: removed from a movie or television show The scene ended up on the cutting-room floor. —often used figuratively A lot of good ideas are rejected and end up on the cutting-room floor.

Why is it called the cutting room floor?

The term cutting room floor is used in the film industry as a figure of speech referring to unused or scrapped footage not included in the finished film. Outside of the film industry, it may refer to any creative work unused in the final product.

Where does the term cutting room floor come from?

From the earliest film-editing process, which involved manually removing (cutting) unwanted scenes, leaving the film scraps on the floor of the room used for editing (the cutting room).

What is left on the cutting room floor?

(also to end up/wind up on the cutting room floor) to be filmed, but not included in the final version of a movie or television show: The scene adds nothing and should have been left on the cutting room floor.

Who made the cutting room floor?

Robert Flory
The Cutting Room Floor was started by Robert Flory in 2002 as part of a blog. It mainly focused on Nintendo Entertainment System games, and was occasionally updated. In the late 2000s, Alex Workman, better known as Xkeeper, reworked the site into a wiki, which launched on 2 February 2010.

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